Despite these global liquidity crisis and a rather complex
housing market conditions abroad , the situation in Russia has
differs from the international to the positive side.

Maxim Karbasnikoff, Director, Europe, Russia and the CIS, Head of Department
commercial space company Jones Lang LaSalle, said: "The Russian market
Real estate is one of the most dynamic in comparison
with other countries. This is primarily due to the rapid economic
growth of the country. Russia has now become an essential part of the global economy,
it has the largest foreign exchange reserves after China and Japan,
Ruble began to trust. " Prospects of the Russian commercial real estate
in such economic conditions, experts have told the company Jones Lang LaSalle.
Vladimir Pantyushin, Director for Russia and CIS, Economic and Strategic
Research at Jones Lang LaSalle, said: "Today the Russian market
commercial real estate has been developing very rapidly. First of all this
contributes to a favorable economic situation in the country, income growth
population continues to heat up the consumer boom and increasing demand
for retail space. The stated amounts of high-quality projects, shopping centers
are the highest in Europe. " Vladimir Pantyushin noted that, despite
these positive trends, the integration of Russia into the global economy makes
it sensitive to the situation in the international arena, "Now developers
in Russia has become more difficult to obtain external financing, the market disappeared
Investors with a high proportion of debt financing. This led to an increase in rates
funding, making some projects uneconomical. Basically
Now real estate investors come to Russia with "live" money.
At the same time crunch puts the saturation property market
in Russia. We predict that due to increasing demand and lagging
offer rents of retail space in Russia will continue to grow. "
At the same time, despite the global liquidity crisis, there is an increase
investment transactions in the property market in Russia. This was explained
James Corrigan, Director of Capital Markets and Investment Company
Jones Lang LaSalle in its report "Russian Retail Market:
attractive destination of investment. " The speaker noted that "now
in the EU due to the credit crisis there is a noticeable decrease
investment activity. At the same time, Russia has witnessed the growth of
investment transactions. Thanks to the steady increase in rental rates and
high rates of return, Russia is an attractive destination
investment. Rising rents and projected reduction in rates of return
- The main components that determine the overall return on investment. Russian
market offers international investors a high yield and is
good alternative to the developed markets. At the same time on the retail sector
about half of total investments. Regional cities are becoming
more attractive to investors, although Moscow continued to account for
the largest share of total investment. In the next few years the Russian market
commercial real estate will continue its active development, offering a broad
opportunities for investors. " At the conference specialists Jones Lang
LaSalle made their recommendations to market participants of commercial real estate
- First to developers and commercial operators, about the need
take in the current market situation. Particular attention to this issue
Julia gave Nikulicheva, Director for Russia and the CIS, Department of Strategic
consulting company Jones Lang LaSalle in its report "A growing market:
new formats - new requirements for developers ":" We can imagine
modern shopping center as a ship. It can be large or small,
it may be of different types. Leave a ship in a long and successful swimming
or not depends on all participants in its travel from the developer, who
designing a ship from retailers, which are the motor and mechanism
ship, and from customers who run this mechanism. Today we
market many buyers, and their income double every four years.
This growing consumer power is the engine of swimming speed
- Retailers are not waiting for the opening of new shopping centers are trying to advance
assert their rights in their area. Developers thrive in today's strong
Russian market in which there is no strong competition, and any built
they successfully ship sails on calm seas. However, we can already predict
increased competition. In order to withstand the coming competition, it is necessary to develop
new formats of shopping centers, to develop specialized trading concept
such as shopping streets, seasonal markets and specialty stores. Already
now we need to understand that buyers are likely to attract innovation and unique
ideas, quality service, brand new. It is important to find the right
tenants for shopping centers, as well as ensure the effective operation
new stores. " What should be the most modern shopping center to
not only today but in future, he had success on the Russian market?
This topic was devoted to "The Path to Success" Alexander Tishkov, Director
Russia and CIS, Head of the lease of commercial premises of the company
Jones Lang LaSalle. "Parameters such as size, number of floors, comfortable
conditions, air conditioning, parking time will be of increasing importance.
For example, today's high-rise shopping centers survive only as long as
due to lack of competition. With the reduction of the flow of customers at least
remain profitable awkward upper floors. Some extra square
Meters will not be able to take in the future. Construct a building of shopping center
larger than is actually needed, will mean a reduction in profitability
and an extended payback. In addition, the increasing importance
becomes part of retailers. There are many shopping centers, in which
can not enter the operators whose presence mall
for its success. Above all, this is due to mismatch
Some shopping centers under construction operators' requirements. It is therefore necessary
a sound approach to developing the concept of the shopping center before the start of the
project. It is important to understand what brand and define anchor tenants
the success of the shopping center. Choosing the anchor tenants, you can set options
center of the target audience and control the number of visitors. Successful experiences
international brands and the decline of consumption abroad stimulate their way out
in Russia. The popularity of international brands is particularly noticeable against the background of the consumer
boom in Russia, which has become one of the priority markets for international
retailers. " Conference participants noted that it is important not only to use
favorable economic situation, which has a positive effect on the development of
commercial real estate, but now to prepare for increased competition. So
answer the basic question of the conference about what is the Russian market
commercial real estate - an island of stability or storm warning
- Individual for each shopping center developer and operator of each.
Everything will depend on the team and the ability to choose the right course.

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