Iron or iron bars on the balcony before painting to clear the
from old paint and rust with a stiff brush , made of thin steel
wire, or a large sandpaper sandpaper ...

* Grid should be flushed, and when it dries, prime. For primer
best to use red lead, dissolved in linseed oil. When the primer is well
dry, can be painted with oil paint is covering a thin layer twice.
* To paint metal objects under the open sky, it is necessary
in good weather, the paint laid down on a dry surface. * You can caulk
painted in any color in the manufacturing process. If the frames are painted white
the color of putty is added lead or zinc oxide and stirred until
viscosity. If it added a lot of paint and putty was rare,
it should be added to ground chalk and peremyat it in his hands. * The oil
and enamel paints with long-term preservation is formed thick enough
film. That it does not appear, after work on the paint surface
Put a circle out of construction paper on top, pour a little linseed oil. * If
cover from the banks, which houses the paint is missing, the upper edge of the banks throughout the
Spread a circle of paint and cover with a piece of glass so that
paint stuck to it. * From the linden bark cut a stick the right size.
Rasparte it in boiling water, dry thoroughly, and one end carefully
break with a hammer. As a result, get a brush for wood glue. You
now do not have to try your patience to clean up the work
dried glue from the brush: the end of the cut and throw it away, and the tip of the remaining
wand again break with a hammer to form a new brush. * To
frosted glass is not spoiled, were clean and had a nice view, they are washed
hot water by adding a little vinegar. * Hands on oil paint
easier to wash if the water to pour mustard. * To eliminate the time
corroded pipes leak out or their joints must be faulty seat tightly
wrap waterproof material (such as rubber, electrical tape)
and secure it with wire. * Glutinous color is used only for internal
surfaces not exposed to moisture, mostly in plaster.
For raw space is better to use lime color. * The spacing of the
walls coated with a thin cord of dry paint color chosen for the walls,
pull it by pencil marks, and by pushing aside, let go -
remains on the wall next. * Oil and enamel paint bad leak air.
Therefore, they do not want to use for painting the walls of living rooms. * For Shpatlevanie
far better to use a plaster wooden spatula. * Grinding perform
pumice stone on dry or wet (soaked in water), putty and sandpaper.

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