Excellent and most hygienic flooring - parquet . parquet
retains heat well and has a low sound conductivity . There
several types and methods of laying hardwood floor.

Art parquet - the old, time-tested method of device
sexes. Old masters to create an entire mural of the wooden boards of various
wood. Parquet served as one of the items decorating the palaces of the rich and
town houses. Hardwood planks are made from hardwood
- Birch, pine, larch, ash, maple, oak, beech, hornbeam, chestnut and
etc. By using different types of wood flooring installation wizard,
achieved with different colors and different patterns laid out. Parquet
floor - covering long-lasting. With proper installation and care of hardwood floor
can serve for many years. But laying parquet - this is a long and laborious
case. In the industrialized construction methods have been devised various
more or less successful methods of laying hardwood floors. In place of one unit
parquet flooring came from the parquet boards, parquet boards, parquet sets
for mastic. Appeared and parquet with an artificial surface (laminated
parquet). Parquet plank on a carefully leveled and dry ground. In
new homes before they lay flooring, you must wait to concrete
the subfloor is completely dry. Please note that 1 cm3 of concrete at
18 В° C to dry for about a week, so hurry up with the laying of parquet flooring is not necessary.
When laying parquet use mastic different composition, but their
main component is bitumen, which are added various fillers.
Typically, these pastes are used in hot conditions. An ideal base
for parquet wooden floor is dry. Between the wood floor and
walls need to leave gaps of about 5 mm and fixed to the plinth walls
and not to the wood floor. Repairing hardwood floors is reduced mainly to the replacement of damaged
rassohshihsyaparketnyh or plates. First of all, remove the damaged shingle.
To do this, it split into several parts with a chisel and remove first
middle, and then the remaining part. This is done in order not to damage
crests of adjacent plates. Then line the bottom, zashpatlevyvaya potholes
cement mortar with the addition of water glass (silicate glue). After
This recess is filled with hot asphalt cement and insert a new, pre-
tailored plate. If you have to replace a few boards, they are adjusted
to each other strikes a wooden hammer (mallet). If the flooring is laid on
boards, the cracks close up pieces of MDF and sanded. On wooden base
plates are placed without mastic, and a parquet enclose a thick paper
or cardboard so that later the floors did not creak. After fitting
and rallying each plate is attached with nails 40 mm in diameter
1, 6 mm, with a nail hammered into the groove Allen, and two - in the longitudinal,
Pristrugivayut boards, urging them on a level with the old. If the parquet
floor formed small cracks, cleans them with an awl or thin wire
and zashpatlevshayut, filling in small oak or birch sawdust mixed
with the carpenter's glue. Tsiklyuyut floors tsiklevalnymi electric machines or
hand - a series. Manual method is preferable, since the electrical work
machine with a thin plank wood flooring withdrawn too thick layer of shavings.
The cycle is a metal plate with a wooden handle and a special
properly sharpened and curved edge. The cycle can be bought in stores
materials. Finish scraping with normal fragments of window
glass, carefully handling the corners of the room and smooth small protrusions and
then otshlifovyvaya sandpaper (better on fabric). Statement
that the wet flooring better tsiklyuetsya, is debatable. Tsiklevat wet
floors really easy. But after a sanding surface of the wood
covered with fine bristles (rough) and you have to wait for the floor
dry, and then spend much time on otshlifovku nap. And yet sometimes
before sanding the floors have to moisturize. This should be done when
to remove remnants of the old varnish. Plot the floor in front
scraping iron with a hot iron through a damp burlap. The paint
swells and flakes easily. To make the parquet floor final
gloss, coating the piece of expensive flooring usually periodically scrubbed
wax or synthetic pastes. Cheap flooring parquet
shields or better lacquered. Before you apply varnish, floor
washed and allowed to dry well. Cover floors with varnish foam is best
roller. Lac poured in small portions in half and roll out evenly.
Wood absorbs paint, parquet varnish so many times. But while
the first coat is dry, the next deal is impossible. Depending on the density
wood material of the hardwood planks, varnished floors two or
three times. Are commercially available paints PF-0231, UR-19, "parquet lacquer." If
it is possible to cover food parquet lacquer (it is used in food
production to meet the food containers inside) the coating can
hold not less than seven or eight years. This varnish is hygienic, does not contain
harmful additives and chemically resistant. Recently, more and more popular
acquires laminate flooring. This flooring is tongued
panel size 1380x195x8 mm. The basis for such a panel is MDF. As
on the hardwood plank is put a special artificial surface, after
stacking sheets such floors do not require any additional processing. Laminated
almost perfectly mimics the parquet texture of fine wood, much
durable natural and requires no special care.

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