Raul Reddy , a dentist from Australia invests in commercial real estate
in Western Australia over the past two years. At a time when Australian
dollar strengthened against the U.S. dollar and when the property market
U.S. is in crisis - he turned his attention to residential and commercial property
in Florida and California. These are areas where the market is , in his opinion , make up for
lost in the long run.

And he's not the only one, said in a statement from yahoo.com. Spurred
weak dollar and confident in the American economy, people like Reddy
together with institutional investors such as pension funds and group
private investors are looking for markets for investment and construction in the United States. Their views
glued to the markets of New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Seattle and San Francisco.
However, the key word in these investments is the word "risk". C
Every month real estate prices are falling. According to statements of the firm of Miller
Samuel - of Manhattan, in July prices fell by 3.1%, thus violating the general
impression of the unique status of Manhattan and his unshakable prices. Topics
Still, the U.S. real estate market seems to be very attractive to many
investors from abroad. Thus, investors from Europe and Asia Market
along the coast: Boston, New York, Seattle and Los Angeles. 5 most attractive
U.S. real estate markets: 1. New York 2. Washington, DC
3. Los Angeles, California 4. San Francisco, California 5. Seattle, Vashinton
Translation: www.real-estate.lviv.ua

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