Employees of Department of tax police chief in the district of Kiev Goloseyevsky
revealed ocheredzhnoe crime in the area of ​​taxation . to cheat the state
tried to state-owned enterprise , registered in Vyshgorod
the press-service GNA in Kiev.

Having documented verification company, the main activity
of which - the functioning of the infrastructure of road and urban transport
employees of the tax police found significant violations of the tax
legislation. The audit found that the service person of the company,
abusing his official position in violation of the Law
Ukraine "On peculiarities of privatization of assets under construction"
and Regulations on disposal of fixed assets, which are public
owned, privatized unfinished bus "Towers" in Goloseyevsky
metropolitan area. To do this, the contract was made with a private company
that the contract fee and was given in the form of unfinished construction
- Bus Station "Towers" worth over 5 mln. At the same time has been agreed
and dismantling and wrecking the bus station. Thus, the object of public
property was illegally demolished, and construction materials that were
suitable for reuse and were state-owned
disappeared. A criminal investigation into the commission of an offense under
Part 2 of Art. 233 and Part 2 of Art. 364 CC of Ukraine. The investigation continues.

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