How to start your morning ? Of course, with the adoption of water treatments , ie
with a visit to the bathroom. So the mood for the day will depend on
also on where you took these procedures , a brilliant and beautiful bath
You or splashing in the iron yellowed old woman, with yellowed, and locally
chipped off the enamel.

If you already brewing solution to get rid of the old baths, weight still
again, because this process requires overhaul the entire bathroom
replacement of plumbing communications. Today the market offers bath
three types: cast iron bathtubs, steel bathtubs and acrylic bathtubs. Steel
baths are inexpensive, fairly easy, but the water is falling from the noise, they do not
keep warm, to the same sag under the weight of the body, and subject to deformation.
Cast iron bathtubs less noise, better retain heat, but more expensive than steel,
and very heavy. Delivery, recovery in the apartment, and the installation of this fundamental
You can purchase do almost into the same amount as its acquisition.
In addition, enamel cast iron tubs are very fragile and easily broken off.
Acrylic bath without a doubt have the best qualities. They are light,
but not brittle, falling water in them does not make noise, they also hold great
heat for half an hour the water is cooled by only 1 degree. Acrylic Bathtubs
durable and environmentally safe. Sanitary acrylic prevents the growth of
bacteria. Unlike enamel bathtub, rust and dirt do not eat in the acrylic
surface, and therefore the color of the bath will not change with time, it always
remain glossy and shiny. It does not deform on impact resistant
mechanical and chemical influences. The only drawback, until recently,
time is its price. Now, thanks to the efforts of professionals, this lack of
acrylic baths have overcome. "Bath in a bathtub" - a new technique of repair
baths, it is that your bathroom is glued perfectly matches
in size and shape, lightweight liner thickness of 7mm, which is made
at the factory sheet of acrylic. Because the base is an old
bathtub, acrylic bathtub you get for the price several times lower than the new
and save yourself from all the inconveniences associated with the dismantling of your old lady
delivery and installation of a new, as well as problems with the old pipe and then
repair. The wizard takes only 1, 5-2 hours.

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