Comfortable spending time in the garden can not be imagined without furniture -
table with chairs for the evening tea , sun loungers and benches for rest
in a quiet corner where they can hide from everyone. Garden furniture today
produce hundreds of companies around the world , and its range is able to meet
the most discerning buyer.

To develop a beautiful and comfortable chaise lounges and chairs, benches and swings,
chairs and tables are working the world's leading designers. A huge variety of
models, colors and materials from which garden furniture is made.
Some models (eg, the famous English garden bench) available
unchanged over a hundred years. Materials for furniture using the most
different and often very daring combinations - it's metal, stone, concrete,
glass, wood, rattan, abaca, bamboo, and the ubiquitous plastic, which is on the street
is entirely appropriate due to natural resistance to harsh
conditions. Art Ensemble of garden furnishings should be integrated into
ensemble of garden and country house and meet them in spirit. In the garden, classical,
Mediterranean and Provençal style, very good looking wrought-iron furniture.
Art Nouveau Garden is impossible to imagine without the characteristic of this style is fluent
lines and floral motifs, executed in metal, wood or stone.
With a rustic and ecological gardens associated poserevshie times
wooden benches and varied deliberately rough and home-made furniture
of logs and stumps. In the modern garden beautifully blends the minimalist
furniture with perfect geometry of the shapes and proportions perfectly sound.
It seems most closely to the object of attention of designers have sunbeds
and sun loungers. Apparently, this is the furniture has become the most rewarding subject
for the tendency towards minimalism of contemporary design, when the whole idea can be
bring to a vigorous and concise line. Connoisseur of modernism can not
indulge in buying one of these masterpieces, though by no means
not a democratic value of such products. And lovers of unusual things can not
walk past the benches, tables and chairs carved from a single piece of stone
- Because such items are no longer just furniture becomes sculpture.
In the avant-garde garden will fit all and you can make the craziest stylistic
"Ruff", because here rules the ball originality. Furniture can be fixed
or portable. As a rule, it is placed far from home, but in a secluded,
closed against the wind and the prying eyes of the site. Stationary products are heavy,
so they arranged for a special area that is compacted or
paving stones. Portable models are lightweight, they are usually compact fold,
it is convenient to keep a very curious built garden furniture. All of it is exclusive,
and the most popular benches and tables. This may be a bench, erected
around a tree or built into a retaining wall or desk, turn out
part of the pergola or carport. This is precisely the insertions often becomes the most
original design element, because of the wooden planks and can churbachkov
make benches and tables, suitable for this particular site. Reliability
Home comfort and a mandatory requirement for garden furniture - stability
all the vagaries of weather. Furniture, located in the garden, to a much greater
degree exposed to the environment - rain, snow, sun
rays, wind, heat and cold, and, finally, and insects. Of course,
You can each take a cloud came running it under a roof, but in terms of
St. Petersburg will have to do is almost ten times a day. Often this
can not be done simply by virtue of the size of garden furniture - a table or
bench does not move even a strong man. In addition, regular cleaning will save
only from rain and sun, and a riot of life will still have their
effect. Not every material is resistant to outdoor conditions, so
manufacture of garden furniture focuses on durability of the material,
from which it is made. If the furniture is wooden, the wood is exposed or
special treatment, either selected resistant to weather wood species
such as teak. In the garden furniture is frequently used metal - usually
is forging - and more often than in the home furniture, used polymers.
Another important factor - it's easy to furniture, because we usually leave the garden,
to rest. For this reason, outdoor furniture should be comfortable and ergonomic.
Table legs should be adjusted for height, so that even on uneven surfaces
table top was perfectly flat. Back seat and sun beds should be recorded
in several positions, and they must either be light so that they can
easily be rearranged, or fitted with wide wheels, so you can
was to transport them across the grass with minimal effort. Do not interfere, and a box for small
items, which are equipped with some beds - because they can put
book or sunglasses. Pillows and mattresses will bring additional comfort
even when sitting on a wicker and wood furniture, and for the metal they
are essential. Metal cools nicely in rare moments of heat, but cool
weather on the forged furniture will sit uncomfortable. However, this lack of
property and furniture carved from stone or cast in concrete. Conveniently, if
in the countertop hole is provided for installing an umbrella, which will help
hide from the sun and rain. Although wood, and in particular braided
furniture less durable than metal or stone, but often
more comfortable. In addition, the tree in the garden of conducting for many years, aging
and covered with noble patina of time, it only gets more attractive
and creates the feeling that the garden was not created yesterday. After a long history and
some neglect - this is what is often not enough to ours, as
Typically, the newly established orchards. Wood, metal, plastic, each of the materials
used for the manufacture of garden furniture, has its advantages and disadvantages.
Plastic garden furniture is made from environmentally friendly and durable polypropylene,
and its range is not limited to cheap plastic kits
a table and chairs. These sets are, perhaps, be safely described as the most popular
outdoor furniture for our garden plots and to this day. But besides them there are lots of plastic
furniture, which looks solid and dignified, strong and serves for many years.
Often, the plastic parts combined with metal parts. It's easy to
wash, she is not afraid of moisture and frost, and polymers used in the manufacture of
such furniture, resistant to temperature and UV radiation. This furniture
As a rule, white, blue or green - these colors best
fit into the natural surroundings of the garden. Often the tops of plastic tables
mimic the slightly cracked tile or stone. The fact is that in addition to
noble appearance, such a surface is more resistant to scratches
and they are less visible than on a smooth plane and monochromatic. Most organic
look in the garden wood furniture. But wood as any organic
material, not too resistant to environmental conditions. And not so much rock
the tree can survive for long in the street without a special treatment: it
teak, beech and larch. Their wood has a dense structure that contains a large
of oils and adhesives, so do not rot, crack or
Keep from freezing is very tolerant of extreme changes in temperature and humidity. Beech
larch and tied for second place in popularity. Furniture made of them,
must necessarily be covered by several layers of varnish, and only after that
it can be kept in the garden.

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