Research Center for Global Property Guide has made a rating *
countries with the fastest growing property prices. China in the lead . Ukraine
- In seventh place (growth - 18, 22%).

China in the first place. During the study period in China property prices
increased by 40 and 47%. Since the Chinese government lifted restrictions on
purchase of residential and commercial real estate by foreigners, the prices here are so
spiked, in 2006 the rate limitation had to be returned.
Number two on the list - Slovakia, an increase 34 to 53%. This country
not only rich in architectural monuments, but also the infrastructure for active
summer and winter vacations. So here is profitable to invest in tourism
and hotel business. In addition, foreigners who bought property in
Slovakia, it is possible to obtain permanent residence. The third position is occupied Bulgaria
- 31 to 55%. Mainly the rise in prices here provide a resort area.
Local ads are full of sentences like: "Luxury studio
with a balcony overlooking the Black Sea for EUR40 thousand. " On the rise in influence
and the fact that in 2007 Bulgaria joined the European Union. Fourth place -
in Hong Kong - 31, 14%. This summer here for 225 million Hong Kong dollars ($ 28, 8
million) have sold the most expensive apartment in Asia, covering about 500 square meters. m. Thus
way, each square meter cost the buyer more than $ 55 thousand
The top five leaders of Singapore, with the index 29, 82%. Thus, in II quarter
2007, the total amount of investments in mortgages reached $ 10 here, 12 billion,
21, 3% more than in 2006. The cost of renting offices of the elite
so far about $ 113 / sq. m per month, increasing by 75% annually. * Investigated
period of 2007 - I quarter. 2008. In calculating the growth dynamics are not taken into account
inflation. The report also highlights that the global mortgage boom is over.
Of the 29 countries surveyed house price growth was observed only in 13, all
they are developing

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