Seriously about copper as a unique roofing material , not the elite ,
but it is accessible to the ordinary homeowner , we have talked about seven or eight
ago. Copper roof , as any high-quality material , it is not cheap (about
$ 25 per square meter), but , first , its cost is quite comparable
with the cost of a prestigious ceramic tile .

Second, if one-time costs of the copper roof unit divided into
its lifetime (which is a hundred years hundred and fifty for sure), keeping in mind the complete absence
the cost of routine maintenance: paint - no need to relay - no need to
you get less of the available galvanized iron, whose maximum
lifetime - ten years. And then - subject to mandatory painting and sealing
holes in the spring. Estimating the cost of copper roof, the customer asks the question:
and why should I roof at one hundred and fifty years, since so much and do not live! Right.
But what about the children and grandchildren? They will receive a wonderful gift from you - reliable
the roof, which will not have to worry all the time will be home.
And then: according to statistics, the average age of the builder - 40-50 years. So
Now, after 15-20 years (average life of low-cost roofing materials)
you have to be fit to sit in his home by the fireplace, playing with his grandchildren. And it
exactly, repair leaky roofs hardly be enjoyable in old age.
Prudent homeowner does not think the copper roof is unreasonably expensive:
over the past few years, "CPA" provided the copper tape 300 thousand square
meters of the roof. What color pestizh? Copper roofing is unparalleled,
it is good and as a shield from the "acid" rain, and as absolutely harmless
material. And the prestige of playing host: copper "hat" worthy of grace
even the most luxurious palace, and only private cottage in turn
local landmark. And this for ages! Copper only get stronger with time
- As the Siberian larch in the water. That is why the Venice and is on the wooden
piles, and spoiled innovations Western Europe - a sheet of roofing
copper. And all because, thanks to patinovoy film produced as a result
oxidation in air, copper is extremely resistant to wear. Except
addition, the copper thermal conductivity, and hence, can winter heating roof, preventing the
formation of icicles and ice dams. It's no secret that a stray icicle can injure
(Or at least not outright scare) zazevavshegosya passerby
and cleaning of roofs from snow and ice with a shovel and a crowbar necessarily "hurt" is already
the very roof. "Fresh" attractive copper sparkles in the sun, "blind" eye.
Some time later the roof a distinctive bronze color, and
another 10-15 years covered by the noble patina "green malachite"
how romantic it is called in the West. However, if desired, the process of natural
and aging can be accelerated, by having recourse to technologies of artificial patina.
Roll up - like a bank. Tin - a bowl Roofing begin with
unit of the rafter. If the home provides the attic, is
standard insulating "cake." It consists of the insulation (thickness
not less than 200 mm), paromembrany overlooking the pairs, but delaying the water
air gap, providing adequate ventilation. Well, the last
"Layer" - crate. Such a complicated structure, including the ventilation system,
provides a favorable microclimate in the house, the roof does not leak, do not sweat
and does not decay during its entire life. The next step - laying. Assembly
Copper roofing can be carried out as previously worked with galvanized sheet metal:
Single-fold and the short list. However, the most serious construction
companies are using modern technology installation. Copper rolled out a long
leaves the entire length of the slope and "sewed" the double seam. The result is
solid roof, without a single hole, which will serve as much as
copper itself. Sealing machines provide a roof leak canning
banks! Copper - a flexible, plastic material, it is available almost
Any form of roof. In addition, the roof right on the spot "cluttered" and all
attendant: plums, slides, skating, gutters ... (And it is
These additional elements usually affect the final cost of the roof, doing
For example, metal in two or three times more expensive than stated in the advertisement). C
Copper is easier: in the case are any remnants of tape, all trim and scraps. No
"Waste"! Everything in life happens. And the storm-hurricanes bypassed or
capitals, or villages. Trees were falling and flying in a vortex, place heavy objects
plucked from the field of promise. And if the roof at a time of raging elements do not, and escaped with
easy (or not), mechanical damage, then all points of view
patch again much easier copper roof. Unsightly slate,
for example, or pretentious tiled would relay all
(Or, at least, a very significant part of it), and copper mend locally:
tin hole (like a copper pan), artificially "wear" the patch, so
it did not differ in color - and order! And you will not find a trace! Copper roofing
not only survive any storm, but any whim of his owner or aspiring
architect. Figure roof can mimic tile, masonry,
fish scales ... Anything! True, more ornate pattern comes out. Hand,
You can tell the author's work. And she will agree is well worth it.

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