Question : Hello, "Money" ! I have a mortgage. Left to pay
about $ 9,000. Familiar offer me such a scheme : they lend me the money
to repay debt and help you get a new loan in cash at 12 - 14%
secured the apartment. Then they offer to give them credit for money
investment. Promise to return 36% pa ! How can there be underwater
stones? Sergei .*.

A: In that familiar are going to invest under such "not weak" interest?
And what is the guarantee that money will return back to the borrower? Unanswered
to these questions is difficult to decide whether such a step. A
at first glance it all looks like a financial scam. Especially
alarming helpfulness acquaintances and money they give to pay off old
credit are ready to help and take a new loan can ... Though, to get in
bank loan at 14% per annum, special links are not needed. This average rate
for loans secured by real estate dollar. Also, invest
loan funds - risk. After all, pay interest on the loan and give
debt would have regardless of whether or not the investment will pay off. A pledge
will be transferred to residential flat. That is, the investor runs the risk (in the worst
outcome) to stay on the street. If the investment decision taken, it is worth
writing to consolidate relationships with enterprising friends. Best
to conclude a loan agreement in which you specify how much money is transferred,
when and how investors can get their money back, and also the income that
promised to the investor (see "Money" в„– 26 dated June 26, 2008). Although in the case
the disappearance of friends with money in an unknown direction to help with something
This agreement is unlikely to be able to.

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