Already well past the time when the kitchen consisted of many stand-alone
lockers , and an accomplishment was the couch . Today, a kitchen - it's beautiful
furniture, with elegant facades, built-in appliances , an abundance of glass , chrome,
highlights, solid top, gently flowing in the whole sink. And before
those who finally decided to replace the old kitchen , is a serious problem .
Because not only have to select the color and location of the cabinets, but also
style , materials and facades countertops , manufacturers and prices

The table, which fades into the sink for each color is determined by
fairly quickly, there is almost no problems and the location of cabinets.
The drying trays for placing over the sink, trash and place for home
chemistry - under the sink. Sink itself - away from the plate. Base cabinets - for
ware, the top - for cereals. Usually the main problem is the choice when
must decide on the fronts and counter tops. The most affordable - kitchen countertops
laminated chipboard, yet they are good because they do not fade in the light, stable
scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Artificial stone for the kitchen
Furniture is also well-proven - that mixture of resin and marble
crumbs durable, hygienic - it does not absorb moisture and has no pores, easily
polished. Plasticity allows you to sink from the same material and
not need to bother with Cutting holes for cleaning. Tabletop can also
be made of chipboard or MDF, which is mounted on a coating of artificial
Stone thickness of 9 or 12 mm. In addition, products made of artificial stone
- Kristalana and Corian ... self-polishing. That is, over time, minor scratches
aligned, as serious damage to disappear without a trace after training
grouting and polishing. Natural stone countertops as good in its own way.
Trumps of marble and granite - naturalness, durability, strength and solidity.
However, such surfaces should be wary of spilled wine, tea, fruit
juices, which can stain the surface. But there are special
compounds that form on the stone surface protective layer, stress
natural color and remove dirt. Even in the kitchens of modern design using
glass and steel. The first - a beautiful, but quite fragile. And on the tops
Stainless steel can appear traces of intensive use. Shavings
against dust and wood and leather second hard choices to be made,
it is a choice of facades, that is, materials that are made kitchen doors
cabinets. The cheapest and widespread - from particle board and lined with plastic.
The main advantage of chipboard - the reasonable price, but still
Chemistry is chemistry. When faced chipboard with veneer wood, it's worth
it is more expensive. The second most common material of facades - it's MDF, according to
essence - the dust pressed on the adhesive-based veneer such a framework
PVC plastic sheeting coated with enamel paint. The advantages - the strength and moisture resistance.
Lack - easily scratched, and high-gloss finish requires constant
care - even to leave a spray of water. Wooden fronts is good
its naturalness - the furniture does not contain any artificial ingredients,
able to evaporate into space and embitter. And it looks very
naturally and at home. Among the cons is it that particular care. Clean
and care for wooden facades should be by means that include
wax to avoid funds with alcohol additives, solvents and abrasive
powders. Such doors should be protected from direct sunlight and harsh
temperature drops. Dmitry Kovalchuk, director of "BatiS" too
advises to pay attention on the wooden facades. Classic kitchen
with facades from an array of beech, ash, birch, acacia permanently retain heat
wood. And about the prices you can be confident that they will
without nakrutok Program. The facades are a direct supplier from Italy
- Company "BatiS" - the only representative of the Italian manufacturer.
The company offers one product - the facades, decorated with leather. Someone
question may concern the care of them, but rather they simply wipe
a damp cloth. Special treatment repels moisture and fat. Price Kitchen
- One of the most difficult issues. After all, each model - this is very individual.
Separately solved, what will be filling what facades, countertops, sinks,
accessories. For example, a half meter kitchen can cost 23 thousand UAH, and
five-meter - 18 ths. However, the need to focus on those prices
- One meter kitchen can cost anywhere from $ 1,300 to $ 2,500. Important stuff
- Since the dimensions and joints have to work in the kitchen a lot, the height of the
countertops depends posture and health. Italian masters calculated dependence
the height of countertops from the human growth. If growth is below 150, the height - 76
cm, height 150-167 - height - 82-88, height 170-190 - height - 91-94, height 190-200
- Height - 100 cm from the width of the countertop and the distance between the hinged cooking
cabinet and the surface of the table depends on how easy and painless
will work here. The standard width of 60 cm table top can be problematic
- On the door of the upper box can hit his head. It turns out that the increase
working surface in width and 65 cm reduces the length of worktop
to wall cabinet up to 48 cm, while maintaining an overview of the work surface
and reach the top shelves. It is important to a good look at the seams and joints.
After all, there is delayed moisture and dirt from here - not a good look
deformation and countertops. In addition, a poorly made joints can
cling rag. So it is important to examine how tightly fitted bumpers
to the main surface of the table, whether well sanded all the seams and what material
sealed seams.

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