Publication of "BusinessWeek" has published a Top 20 most expensive real estate markets
Peace , referring to the London agency "Knight Frank". In addition,
Experts estimate the average cost per square meter of residential property
and determined that you can buy in each market , having the $ 1, 5

The newspaper said the housing boom has spread to many corners of the world
although in some affected less noticeable. Thus, prices in London, Monaco, Manhattan
and the famous European resorts in the past year have continued to soar
because the market there are more wealthy buyers from China, India
and Russia. At the same time in London, where the average price for a "square" is $ 6, 191
and is the highest in the world, for $ 1, 5 million can buy only a small
studio in the remote areas of the city. But on the other hand, in Venice, despite
the limited space for construction, for the same money you can get
two-bedroom apartment or more near the Grand Canal. London
Price: $ 6, 191 per square. m For $ 1, 5 million can buy a small studio apartment.
Annual price change: 29% of the housing boom began in Central London
September 2005 and continued through 2007, while his "feed" the rich
buyers from around the world. This year's house price growth has slowed,
and is expected to experts, will continue to weaken. But the apartment is a segment
incredibly strong. For example, sales of homes in Chelsea (Chelsea), Knightsbridge
(Knightsbridge) and Mayfair (Mayfair) for the six months of 2008 increased by

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