Since the hryvnia pegged to the dollar , then we increase the dollar
significant changes in rates is not caused. It is true that in recent official
the dollar rose . But this increase was very small - about a penny.
In July, the dollar was worth four , 84 hryvnia. Currently the official exchange rate is
slightly more than 4 , 85 hryvnia to the dollar.

Cash value of the dollar increase in his on world markets for a long time, almost
did not respond. During July-August, he remained stable, and its
value was much lower than the official rate. Foreign exchange offices sell
U.S. currency to 4, 66-4, 68, the hryvnia, and bought by 4, 62-4, 64 UAH
per dollar. Part of the reason that the dollar did not grow up, was a resort
season. At this time, the supply of dollars in the cash market is very significant
(People spend a winter vacation accumulated savings) and a course traditionally
low. However, in early September, the situation on the spot market rates sharply
changed. Just a few days the dollar rose to approximately
12-14 cents. Currently, it sells for 4, 81-4, 82, the hryvnia, and buy
through 4, 72-4, 73 hryvnia. Thus, the cash rate has almost caught up official.
As for the euro, it becomes cheaper in Ukraine for a long time. Maximum official
rate was recorded in April of this year - 8, 05 hryvnia for one euro. Since
European currencies have generally declined, and today is a mark of
6, 91 hryvnia for one euro. In general, it has fallen to 1, 14 hryvnia. In fact, today
Euro back to positions held a year ago. The last time the course
6, 91 hryvnia for one euro was observed in early September 2007. Cash rate
Euro has begun to decline even before the official. Back in March, the cost of
European currency peaked: the selling rate was 8, 03/08, 05 UAH
the euro, and buying - 7, 89-7, 91 hryvnia. Currently, exchange offices
sell euro at 6, 93-6, 95 hryvnia, and by buying 6, 75-6, 77 hryvnia. During the six months
Cash rate dropped by 1, 1 hryvnia and more. Recently seen
problems also in the Russian ruble. So far, he slowly but steadily
grew relative to major currencies (as opposed to the hryvnia oriented
mainly on the dollar, the ruble pegged to the so-called basket of currencies,
which contains the dollar and euro). However, in August-September, the situation changed.
The ruble foreign exchange market declined by about 4 percent. It
has had a staggering impact on the market. Investors are trying to get rid of
rapidly desheveyuschih ruble-denominated assets, and ordinary citizens for the first time
a long time queuing to exchange points, trying to exchange
Dollar on a more stable currency. The reason for the sharp fall of the ruble most
Expert calls military action by Russia in Georgia. According to experts,
Investors spooked war, and they try to hastily withdraw their
assets out of Russia. And the Russian leadership declares that, until
willing to take any measures to support the ruble. Chairman of the Central
Sergey Ignatiev at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said
that the bank defiantly rejects strict control of foreign exchange rate
and let the market continue to weaken the ruble. The fall of the Russian currency
impact on the Ukrainian market. In the last week of official
exchange rate rather decreased significantly - from a 97 to 1, 90 UAH for 10 rubles.
On the spot exchange rate fluctuations as long as they do not have a significant impact.
Selling rate in exchange offices is about 1, 92-1, 93 UAH 10
rubles, and shopping - 1, 83-1, 83 hryvnia.

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