After the boom of privatization in the former Soviet Union, some
began to think of de-privatization . What is it ? Deprivatization - a return
citizens of the State of its ownership of the housing. The right to life
living in this house saved. That is deprivatization - an action that
reverse privatization.

Why is it necessary? Each is guided by its causes, deciding deprivatizirovat
apartment. The most common - an unwillingness to carry out superimposed on
owner commitment. Another reason - one restricting the rights of property owners,
If the apartment a few owners. Attention! In the de-privatization of housing law
privatize the apartment again or another do not back! Losing
ownership of the apartment, you thereby lose the ability to sell,
exchange, gift or inheritance to pass in this apartment. After the procedure
de-privatization of the apartment owners secured the right to live
it under a contract of social employment. If an apartment a few
hosts deprivatization possible only with the consent of all owners.
If one of the owners - a minor or disabled person, it is necessary
well as the consent of the guardianship authorities. To deprivatizirovat
apartment, you must gather the following documents: 1) the original title
documents (contract transfer certificate), 2) a document certifying
no restrictions (encumbrances), and 3) registration certificate (valid for one
year), 4) a certificate of registration or an extract from the house of the book (valid
one month), 5) photocopies of identification documents, and 6) a copy of
financial account (valid for one month), 7) Receipt of payment
registration fee. The following documents must attach a statement signed by
all homeowners, and take it all in the administration of residence.
During the month, the authorities are obliged to conclude a contract with you on the transfer of housing
property in the city. As early as 15 days after signing the contract
the landlord must provide you with this dwelling on the social contract

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