National Bank eased the ban on bank lending , allowing increasing
grivnevye portfolios banks with free money. currency
lending remains possible for only a small number of clients. bankers
believe that easing the NBU will not allow banks to increase lending
with the Ukrainian capital, while foreign banks have a problem converting
currency attracted from parent institutions .

Contrary to the recommendations of the National Bank Council adopted on Wednesday, the board of National Bank
decided not limited to a "clarification" to the Resolution в„– 319, as published
new decree в„– 328, which changes the rules of bank lending. By
subparagraph 2.1 Resolution в„– 319, NBU indefinitely banned banks
from October 13 to increase loan portfolios. The decree в„– 328 say:
"Item 2.1 shall read as follows:` There may extend credit
foreign exchange counterparties, which have no foreign exchange earnings, in
within the volume of arrears has been established at that date. All other
banks can provide loans in accordance with established procedure, with appropriate
resources'. "Based on the Resolution # 319, foreign currency loans were issued
only those who have foreign currency revenues. New document National Bank lifted restrictions
to purchase foreign currency for advance payments for imports. In addition,
banks are permitted to make transfers of funds to recipients within the same
branch or subsidiary in the day of receipt of the payment document transfers
within a bank can take up to two business days, and only inter-bank
transfers - up to three business days. The package of documents taken as
collateral for refinancing NBU enlarged share holders of banks.
However, credit NBU bank can get in if the scope of his term
deposit for five days decreased by 2%. Changes to take effect on October 16.
According to NBU, in September, the average rate of hryvnia loans
decreased from 17, 3% to 16, 8% for foreign currency - has increased from 12 to 12 1%, 7%. Volume
loan in UAH - 275 UAH 078 billion in foreign currency - 290 924 000 000 000
UAH. Bankers say that has not yet realized the meaning of the decision,
and therefore made no changes in their procedures. "We do not understand.
This ruling contradicts the fact that it was taken on Monday, "- said
one of the bankers. Experts believe that although the NBU allowed to lend to
UAH, few banks would use this as the liquidity of the system
very low. "The number one problem - the return of borrowed funds abroad,
which came exactly as loans rather than deposits - said the first
deputy president of the bank `Subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia Vladislav Kravets' .-
Terms of attacking, but nothing to return. "In the worst situation appeared Banks
with the Ukrainian capital, which are limited internal resources. "We have
changes have not affected because we have been working within the regulations
National Bank. We have an established credit portfolio, we will not increase and
lend cautiously, "- said Chairman of the Board Alexander Transbank
Adler. But banks with foreign capital is also not able to resume active
lending, as foreign currency loans may issue only in the open
earlier line of credit. "We have a resource dollar, - he explains
Kravets .- We have a resource in such quantities to meet customer demand,
but can not do this because there is a ban related to currency
revenue. "According to him, foreign banks will face the problem more acute
conversion of foreign currency involved in local and, hence, hedging
currency risk. "With the new regulation is easier - we will find opportunities
for lending, "- said the banker.

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