By the end of 2008 inflation in Ukraine " will be over " for 20% , and in 2009 drop
to 15%. Consumer price growth next year will be limited to economic
depression. This was during a press conference, said President of the Ukrainian
Society of Financial Analysts (USFA ), Jury Prozorov , the newspaper said in Ukrainian.

Prozorov said that every great depression which is the current
global financial crisis in the first place reduces the effective demand
as workers, who in 2008-2009 will be reduced in various sectors of the economy,
and netrudoorientirovannogo population, which lives on benefits. So
way to the end of this year, inflation will continue to grow and at an annual rate
may exceed 20%, and next year should not, according to the president
USFA, exceed 15-16%. Also, the analyst believes that the next "bubble"
which is burst in the Ukrainian economy will be the real estate market development
which in 2009 will slow to about 30%. According to forecasts, will continue
devaluation of the hryvnia, resulting in year-end torque with respect
Dollar could fall in price up to 6 grn. per dollar, and in the future following
three years - up to UAH 7. per dollar. According to Prozorov, the development of domestic
economy in 2009 may slow to 1, 5-2%, if the government
reach an agreement with Russia on an acceptable increase in the price of natural gas,
or up to 3% - in case the worst scenario, the gas negotiations.

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