The system of frameless glass balconies and loggias, is considered the most
contemporary of all existing ...

This technically elegant design was invented and perfected by the Finns
in the seventies, and only a few years ago she appeared on the national
market, so such products in Russia is still considered an elite. What is it
it? Frameless balcony and lodzhiyChtoby understand how to construct
frameless glazing system, imagine a profile that is installed on
stove top balcony, which up to 2 mm repeats its shape.
In this profile, the special mobile loops, and move the glass. Himself
profile is rigidly fixed (by means of anchor bolts) in the concrete, and the lower
profile serves as a guide. The finished glass looks like
solid wall of tempered glass osoboprochnogo. It does not require amplification
various expensive films, and when broken shatters into small
mild cubes that reliably ensures the safety of people from cuts,
occurring in the application of ordinary glass. The thickness of the glass depends
the height glazed space: if it is greater than 2 m, it is usually applied
Glass thickness 8 mm, if it is below - use 6-mm. Fit to width
glass door can vary from 60 to 80 cm, depending on the
size balcony. At installation, the joints are closed thin transparent glass
mezhstekolnym seal that prevents ingress of water onto the balcony and snow
contributing to elevated sound - and the insulation. In the production of all elements
frameless glass are made of durable materials - aluminum
details are painted by powder coating, and as the fasteners used
stainless steel. For ease of sliding glass shutters when opened,
in roller bearings are special bearings. Such support
protected from water, so even in winter the mechanism is not jammed
- You can easily open the glass at any time of year, moving the blade
windows to the side and folded their "book" from one of the walls. If we talk about
appearance of such a system, the outside of the building it is a continuous
glass wall without frames and uprights. It visually increases
balcony or loggia space, because in the closed position the glass
practically invisible. Pluses in favor of frameless glazing significant
advantage of frameless glass is the absence of problems
with periodic cleaning - every leaf is easy to clean, not leaning over
railing and not exposing themselves to danger. In this case, frameless glazing
requires no specific maintenance. You will only need
only once a year, lubricate moving parts with silicone spray. Closed
position frameless system protects the balcony from the wind and rain, and
noise level in rooms adjacent to the lodge, is reduced by 15-20 dB (noise
leaves). Incidentally, this type of glazing can be applied to the device
transparent and translucent frameless glass partitions (eg in
offices, showrooms, exhibition halls and other premises where the opinion
suitable transformation of the customer). ... But without the drawbacks do not
Most of the frameless system is created so that the filling
was at least twice a margin of safety. However, if it proves
insufficient quality, after a while start to rattle doors.
The problem is that the basic wind load takes
not the glass itself, and its mounting location in your profile. This reduces the constructive
Site fixation stiffness of glass in the profile. "Doubtful" leaf becomes
noise source, and in the glass at the points of its mechanical fasteners may
develop an undesirable stress concentration. Naturally, these functional
features should be a certain effect on cost performance
products, components frameless glazing system. Therefore, excluding the initial
unscrupulous manufacturers, we can say that the bad unframed
systems do not. There is a misconception of their use, often associated with undue
economy. Therefore, the selection stage is very important to correctly determine the quality
the proposed system, to examine the accompanying documentation and follow up
technology installation. When installing frameless glass should be kept in
mind that in addition to the construction cost per square meter, there are other,
more objective selection criteria. No wonder they say, "Do cheap - about
This will soon forget, do bad - will always remember! ".

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