It's no secret that the bathhouses and saunas are not only flammable
objects , but also contain a number of aggressive factors affecting the operation

These are high temperature, plus high humidity. It follows
that the design and installation must be carried out taking into account these factors.
And if mounting a wooden structure, then this work should
approach the most responsible way. Before you start wiring,
should, first, to calculate approximately the power that will be
The network in your bath or sauna. Power to determine, in order to
know what the current will run on your wires, and thus a cross-section
wire to wire to choose this current stand. If this is the only lighting will be
devices, it is small enough power in the region of 1.2 kW. Since, in
bath can be connected to additional stress, such as hair dryers, curling irons,
washing machine (in the dressing room), it is desirable to take power in reserve.
6.5 kW will be enough with a large margin. When installing more energy-intensive
equipment, such as an electric sauna, TDP may increase
up to 12-20 kW (depending on installed capacity oven). How do I know
if a person is not an expert, what the total capacity will be used?
It's very simple. At each electrical appliance, whether light or bath
oven contains multiple digits. One of the figures is the voltage of the appliance.
Usually this is 220 (possible options with 12, 24 or 380 volts). And another
number is the power of the appliance proves to kilowatts (kW or kW).
If you have decided on energy consumers, we can calculate the cross-section
future wiring. It would be, if we take stock and with no
use reference books - 2 kW per 1 sq. km. mm section of the wire. That is,
if you count the power consumption of 10 kW, then you will need
wire cross-section 5 square. mm. Immediately it should be noted that the wire must be
double insulation, that is - cable. It should have a heat-resistant insulation.
These properties are rubber. Consequently, most reliable cable
will be insulated rubber in tires. In compliance with the latest edition
RB conductor who performed the wiring must be copper. Wiring must
be conducted in closed boxes or fireproof surface. If you can not
install wiring in conduits need to start with, assemble a line of
asbolenty or other heat resistant material. Tin in the baths and saunas are not
admissible, as it will be an additional heat insulation. In the steam room and
saunas metal fittings fixtures must be securely grounded.
You can use the three-wire cable. Two wires connect the
to the phase and zero, and the third strand to connect the valve and ground. Operating
voltage in the lamps should not exceed 24 V (volts). Fixtures
should have a splash-proof design. Switches shall be
outside the steam room. If not, then they should be
also in the body splash. Be aware of the mandatory application
in the bath or sauna tripping devices (RCD) with a current cut-off 5
mA-10 mA. In many cases, installation of ouzo will save a life
itself or a bath of fire for the closure of the wiring. Since the bath increased
humidity can not be used in a bath at 30 mA RCD (in a bath resistance
man falls), only 5-10 mA. Use only high quality electromechanical
RCD from top European manufacturers. Keep in mind that the work
Installation of wiring is necessary to trust only the professionals, or
later can be very sorry about poor quality work.

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