Buy faster, and then tomorrow will be more expensive . According to this principle before
sold the apartment developers . Now the opposite - sell cheaper
or do not give money. So now with developers talking bankers.

One of the largest construction companies - "Miskzhitlobud" addressed to Swedbank
to provide 40 mln. to complete the construction of the complex
"Holosievo" in Kiev. Chairman of the Board Tihipko told
reporters that the bank will give money, but with a caveat. "One condition - to reduce
prices from $ 3 thousand to $ 2, 2 thousand for the quarter. m "- the banker said, explaining
that the price of $ 3 thousand to sell quickly housing will not succeed. This summer, "Miskzhitlobud"
already received money for the construction of Swedbank in the same complex. Obtained for
Bank of 180 million UAH. began construction of a "Holosievo."
These are the three brick houses on floors 20-25 at 1563 apartments with a total area
more than 122 thousand square meters. m, the school-garden with a swimming pool, parking and facilities
social infrastructure. However, it remains unclear whether the builders
lower prices. Tihipko said his debtors expressed their willingness to
sell the apartments are cheaper, and the president of construction company "Miskzhitlobud"
Denis Kostrzhevsky said that the discounts will only be for those who buy
greater than 100 apartments. While the company "Miskzhitlobud" thinking, to reduce or not
prices for their apartments, many experts are predicting the inevitable decline in value
housing. "Today the Ukrainian real estate market has created a situation which
can be described as a "crisis of expectation" - said at the beginning
October CEO of real estate developer and construction company "Company" T.
M. "In his view, small construction companies will simply have to
lower housing prices. In Ukraine, almost no one buys apartments
- Banks raise interest rates on loans for housing, and customers expect lower prices.
"It is impossible to build a house or office building and is guaranteed a profit,"
- Chairman of board of KDD Group NV Peter Slipets.

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