The proposal to buy a house in half - two times cheaper than average prices can
be exactly the case when the developer was going for permanent residency with your money .

If you think that money can all be bought and sold, it is deeply mistaken.
Still remained above the value of material goods. For example, new buildings. Can
buy at least an entire floor in a newly built house and not get a single apartment.
Here, the buyer - frail infirmity before the all-powerful developer. And if
are you still going to pay a hundred or two thousand dollars for this dubious
pleasure, then you need our advice useful. Before
give the money would be nice to know who it was. Not the fact that sly guy
in the helmet - the seller of housing. So, to sell an apartment, or rather - the right to the apartment
in new building have the right to: • construction general investor, co-investors;
• developer; • subcontractor; • real estate agency, which has
document confirming that they either bought it so square
meters of such apartments under the general plan, or it represents a
of the above organizations. On the real, not virtual existence
construction company can be found on the Internet for anything but the company's site
advisable to visit the website of the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development.
There must find (or not find) the license number of construction
company (this document will show courtesy in the office of the company, and its details
should be placed on the website and in the contract - see below). Not too much
find on the website of the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services
resolution on the financial activities of the vendor's home. In your same
shyly ask for the presence of legal documents:
• the sale of rights to an apartment in a newly built house, • building permit
home is in a specific address, • the investment contract signed
between the developer and the customer (the investor of construction). You can gently
asked to demonstrate the development plan area, floor plan house
plan apartments. All this to introduce to provide self-respecting company
and consultant of the Academy of Sciences and at all obliged to give notice of such "trifles". And it's important to remember:
at whatever stage of construction of the house (basement or fill maintenance
internal work before taking) was not able to conclude a deal, the seller
strictly require full payment purchased by the square meter. Remember:
cheaper than managed to find an apartment, the higher your risk. The price level has developed
by many factors, and fluctuations are allowed no more than + / - 5%. Proposal
buy a house in half - two times cheaper than average prices can be just
the case where the developer was going for permanent residency with your money. Apartment
(Not eligible to apply for it) will become your only after obtaining a certificate
of ownership. In the meantime acquired the right to apply for an apartment
in the new building. Treaties are only two options. In the first case you become
party fund finance the construction, signed the agreement on the participation of
in CFF with a bank or investment company. In the second sign contract
Booking an apartment and a contract for redemption of bonds of the lot, followed by fixed
the number of square meters of booked apartment. Investment contract
equity participation in the construction of three years 'outlawed', but sometimes
When buying an apartment you can "bump" on a time bomb.
Strictly between us, most read the contract is not only boring but pointless.
Do not take pity on a modest fee for a lawyer. Checked: a contract with him easily
converted into entertaining reading, not seldom with elements of the detective genre.
In addition, an astute developer can not just put all the cards and to offer
sign still some two or three white pieces of paper at the time of purchase. While the lawyer
will play in the thin nerve strings builders, clarifying the meaning of the language
you can walk along the main pain points of agreement. Should be specified
loud and clear: • All details of companies (the builder and seller), the numbers
their licenses; • the exact address of a house under construction; • a precise description of the object
construction; • a precise description of the investment object (apartments, parking lots:
area, floor layout, a serial number in accordance with the general plan), in which
able to put into operation; • timing of construction and commissioning in home
operation; • who is responsible for implementation and quality of work,
who eliminates the disadvantages; • who and what is responsible for the failure of building
work in the designated contract terms; • cost per square meter (preferably
that it was fixed and did not change during the contractual relationship);
• terms of compensation, if the area of ​​the object according to data sheet
is less than or greater than specified in the contract; • who and what tools
prepares documents of title to the apartment (often over this
takes care of the developer, sometimes the cost of services is already incorporated in the cost of
square meter), in what time frame. Here imperceptibly flying day. Now
You can start the calculation. Indeed, since the full payment of square meters
purchased under the contract of the apartment you acquire the right to receive specified
housing and the right to design its ownership, it becomes possible
only after completion of the entire investment cycle, that is, putting into operation
home or an entire housing and shopping complex. And this is your legal duty
as a customer - to pay money. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE The decision to buy an apartment in
Igor has a newly built house for several reasons. First, deposits
banks are much smaller than at the time rate of growth in housing prices. Second,
accumulated amount was not enough to buy the finished home. And, of course
just turned up an offer - buy a property on the assignment a little
cheaper than the average market price. Seller of this well earned
transaction, even throwing off a hundred per square meter. First of all, Igor, fan
more than one hundred pages of the Internet, was a portrait of the developer -
and went to the office. They showed the Charter, a building permit is
at this address. All papers were in order. The only caveat - the house started
built in 2005, and the resolution dated 2002nd, ie, obtained through
year. Well, of course, red tape, bureaucracy, bribery ... Buying on assignment took place
notifying the builder and even with his participation, albeit indirectly.
In the spring 2007th Igor made a 100% amount specified in the contract. Although attracted
if the developer funds from investors through the CFF, Igor has signed an agreement of shared
participation in construction - the treaty signed the first acquirer of rights
on the flat, and the company was assured that the document "has no statute of limitations"
and valid for almost forever, until the developer has fulfilled its obligations.
The house must be delivered before the end of 2007, "In the contract it was clearly stated
- Says Igor - and the apartment number and floor, and lay-out. However, while
provides a portion of the money area of ​​the apartment changed - almost 10 square meters. m was
more. All additional parameters had to pay more for "old" price. About
increasing the value does not informed as it is written in the contract, for two weeks
and placed before the fact, they say, the day before the price "more." Responsibility
for violations of rights and obligations in the contract are not spelled out. But really
Igor regretted it when on the eve of the new 2008, the company reported
to postpone putting the house on the II quarter of 2008. Of course, Igor tries to
"Control" the construction process as it may, he has frequented forums
real estate, and the program of the weekend included "tour" to the construction site.
When I saw "his" floor - a bit quiet, but later said that the work
do not boil as before. And when, in April announced the postponement of the date object
already in the II quarter of 2009, found the consultant and put the "apartment" for sale.
Do not even stop at the site of the sluggish (already constructed the first
turn being completed the second and started the third). A month later, with great difficulty
found a buyer, but he offered an amount almost equal to last year's
investment, and the calculation would have to be in local currency. "Suddenly fell
Dollar - explains his refusal to sell time on the assignment is in principle
Igor built apartment - so I lost 3% of the invested, plus the need to
would pay the fine for the assignment. " Now the "flat" again sold.
Igor is to wait for either the buyer or the moment when the developer
still fulfills its obligations and has passed the house in operation. Lawyers also
recommend a safety net to contact the prosecutor's office of the violation
of the buyer.

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