In Kiev, filed for bankruptcy construction company " Kievrekonstruktsiya ."
According to the executor of the estate " Kievrekonstruktsii " cause of bankruptcy
the enterprise could become a crisis, because of which all over Ukraine
froze more than 45% of new buildings.

October 17 Economic Court of Kiev commenced proceedings for bankruptcy of "Kievrekonstruktsiya"
said trustee Basil Kuzmenko. The case was initiated
at the suit of the creditor company "commercial company" Prestige trade. " According to V.
Kuzmenko, Economic Court of Kiev in the spring has already ruled on the suit of "Prestige
trade "by requiring" Kievrekonstruktsiyu "to return to the creditor about 9, 6 mln.
June 12 Kyiv Economic Court of Appeal upheld the decision of Economic Court
Kiev on May 15. Nevertheless, the company "Kievrekonstruktsiya" failed to meet
court decisions, and therefore the "Prestige trade" re-turned to the Economic Court
Kiev with a claim of bankruptcy proceedings of the construction company. "Kievrekonstruktsiya"
has a number of unfinished construction projects, particularly residential complex
320 apartments "Three Warriors" on the street. Borschagovsky, 182, B in Kiev, said
Kuzmenko. The complex should be handed over in 2007, but at the moment
its readiness is evaluated only in 75%. According to Vladimir Kuzmenko, to
opening of bankruptcy court "Kievrekonstruktsiya" started to sell
their assets at low prices, as well as company property.

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