Kiev's land will be penalized for delaying the failure to conclude
contracts for the lease . Appropriate decision " on the regulation of Use
land in the capital " was made today at a meeting of permanent
city ​​council committee on land issues , urban planning
and architecture, the correspondent of " Glavred ".

The project envisages to inform all business entities
activities that use land in the territory of Kiev
but in the manner prescribed by law has not yet been drawn up right
ownership or right to use these zemuchastkami, the need for
until December 1 to apply for registration of such rights. "If
For example, I received the decision of city council zemuchastok, I can use it,
but do not enter into a lease agreement, and will only pay for the land tax on land
site, which is 1% of its regulatory and monetary value. If you calculate
City loses a lot of money "- explains the city council member from the Bloc Chernovetsky
as well as city council secretary of the Standing Committee on Land Relations,
urban planning and architecture, Sergei Krymchaks. According to him, this project
decision provides that, for all subjects who received land
areas and have not issued the lease and continue to evade their conclusion,
establish a minimum annual rent for zemuchastok of 3%.
This rule will apply in case of a decision the City Council from January 1
2009. If the entity which leases zemuchastki before March 1, 2009
will continue to shy away from the arena of the contract, the fine will double,
and thus they will charge a penalty of minimum rent rate in
2-fold - to 6%. On September 1, 2009, in the case of failure to conclude agreements
rental rate will be charged in a 3-fold - that is 9%. Except
addition, the draft decision provides prohibit provide architectural and planning
jobs, town planning conditions on the design of architectural objects
for new construction, expansion of reconstruction, major repairs, landscaping
areas, permission for the MAFov.

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