There are two strategic options: bank comes towards you and the bank is not talking to you

If the bank is heading , it is highly probable he will advise you ,
or say, write a statement of withdrawal , or ask to sign an agreement
of reduction of the deposit agreement. For example, you run
period of six months , and the bank can be written in the contract, that term expires
tomorrow . It is at the discretion of the bank. How long will the bank deposit
governed by the contract. Of general practitioners say if the bank agrees to premature
issue, it is possible to get the money and the day of writing the application. If the bank
wants to give money, no problem. Bank transfers from deposit term ,
which has not expired , the term , which expired . For example, in
paragraph 5, whenever a change - instead of February 1 count on December 1. And legally
gives you money. If a bank against it is just a statement of claim
court. You - the plaintiff , the bank - the defendant. Obligation to act - issue
proper deposit . When you get a court decision , go to the executive
service, and it forcibly will charge money.

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