" Problem loans " have become the second state in the subject obsuzhdaemosti
after the "mad jumps of the exchange rate ."

And no wonder, because both subjects are closely linked. Estimated
different experts, over 50% of all banking assets involved in the consumer
and mortgage lending "in 2009 may be irretrievably lost
for the banking sector. However, due to significant losses of
Credit 'problemok "and citizens will suffer, because these debts creditors Ukrainians
clearly not forgotten. Because the state to intervene in this exacerbated
conflict with the "wise constructs" is not going to, and at the same time, only exacerbates
situation, lenders and borrowers will have to seek the conditions for mutually beneficial
"World". The general situation is this: in October of this year, the total debt
borrowers resident in Ukraine to banks amounted to 204, 7 billion hryvnia.
Of these, over 80 billion - mortgage loans. According to various estimates, the portfolio
"Problemnikov" in the third or fourth decades of this year increased on average
by 20-30%. However, according to official data controller at the moment
normative value of this index is less than 2% tolerance. Believe
with difficulty, since, to date seen only the tip of "iceberg".
Peak "defaults" is expected in the spring - summer 2009. In addition, it is not necessary
forget that the National Bank estimates the size of "problemki" based on the total
volume of loans in relation to the balance of arrears,
because the output rate is considerably less than the real. More
accurate data collection experts have offices and credit bureaus
stories. According to statistics from the International Bureau of Credit Histories, the proportion of
NPLs in total loan portfolio of banks is 10, 35%.
But the assessment of collectors, this percentage is already higher than in 15%
and a tendency to increase. "Agreeing not to hide." Decide
where between these words, put a comma - a personal matter Ukrainian
borrower. However, both the first and second courses of action in case of
"Very troubled" debt is ambiguous. Negotiate with the lender
which was used to grow, earning the financial needs of citizens, without
doubt, very difficult. Hide ... except that the borrower and to the emergence of
unpleasant incident had planned to change his surname, gender, person, place of residence
- In this case, you can try. However, if a person is more to their liking
measured, respectable way of life - Banging on the run or hide
behind the closed front door is clearly not worth it. It turns out one of the acceptable
exits out of adversity has become a dialogue aimed at vzaimopriemlimy
compromise. This way out to borrowers who find themselves in a difficult
financial situation, experts advise local credit bureau.
Like, methods of diplomacy still has not been canceled, in addition, the "interesting"
position than customers of banks, financial institutions got themselves. Analysts
Banks are well aware that in the next six to twelve months active financial
receipt of their structures "is clearly not shine", and, both outside and inside.
At the same time taking away citizens' collateral, which was issued under the credit
return funds spent on it in full, and even at cost
product will not succeed. Commodity market in a few months will be crowded
confiscated from would-be borrowers "secondhand". Plus, the traditional retail sector in
the fight for customers will go to any shares and discounts, if only to survive in the troubled
times. Meanwhile, the consumer purse has put on a severe diet.
Therefore, any suggestions and admonitions not to force the head of the family, not
confidence in the future, spend an extra penny from the family budget.
Who, I ask, you will need a bank confiscated? And how much time
of nerves and will have to spend on forensic paper racket to return
crumbs of bank capital wasted on consumer credit?
Conclusion - boldly forward, to negotiate with the bank. Experts credit bureaus
to establish constructive dialogue with creditors see another plus
for borrowers - in the formation of "running" credit histories. "Desire for the borrower
restructure debt due to financial difficulties arising objective
will speak of it as a conscious, responsible and disciplined
payer, which will necessarily have a positive impact on the quality of its credit
history. Moreover, in the electronic version of a credit history can be refined
not only the changing conditions of repayment, but the reasons for
borrower to take such a forced move. In it you can leave your comments
about the situation. Trust me, lenders like the real thing, so
and the future will be in good standing of the borrower, especially in
increasing credit problemki "- convinces the director of Business Development
"International Bureau of Credit Histories" Oleg Kalchenko. In doing so,
According to experts, the bank in negotiations now possible to "negotiate"
pretty reasonable conditions of debt restructuring. If, however, go on
"World" with the borrower's bank because of personal reasons does not intend to, it is worth
morally and legally prepared to undergo a few laps, "the banking and debt collection
hell ".

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