Since the beginning of this year, the average effective rate on loans for land in the national currency
increased by 4 , 79 % per annum. Only the July increase in the cost was 1 , 37 %.
Experts believe that these loans will go up further.

According to data of "Prostobank Consulting", the average effective
rate on loans for land in the national currency for 10 years in July were 20, 62%;
and in June she was 19, and 25% (1, 37). Best deals on credit market
on the ground, according to the company, now offering the following banks (indicated by
effective rate): The best conditions for lending to banks in UAH: 1. 18, 29%
- Pravex 2. 18, 49% - Nadra March 19, 20% - Oschadbank best loan conditions
banks in U.S. dollars: 1. 12, 50% - Ukrprombank 2. 12, 98% - SEB Bank 3. 12, 98%
- Marine Transport Bank best loan conditions of banks in the Euro: 1.
11, 50% - Ukrprombank 2. 12, 65% - SEB Bank 3. 12, 70% - According to Swedbank
experts, the cause of price rise will not only increase inflation and deficit
hryvnia resources from banks and financial institutions and the unwillingness to communicate today
with land loans. "The attractiveness of land as investment in this
was dropped, while the risks of such loans in the first place, legal,
quite high. - Said Julia Palamar, financial analyst
"Prostobank Consulting." - Therefore, the average growth rates on loans for land
recently breaking all records, because in this way the bankers are trying to
reduce the issuance of "problem loans", and to compensate for higher risks more
high rate. "

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