In any garden there is a cozy place, where only asks some pretty
headsets. But before you go for it , think about what you need .
The choice depends on what the your garden.

If this is the centuries-old trees with gigantic trunks tops and neobhvatnymi, then
and furniture will require massive and solid. Among the bushes or flower beds with soft
color furniture should be elegant, but on a lush green lawn will need
that - a contrast with the emerald grass. Comes from the fact that the furniture
must not interfere with the natural character of the nature and meet
general style of the garden, if visible. Is important and your lifestyle:
If furniture is needed for privacy, only a small cozy tables and
chairs, and if you love to take friends in the country and hold a feast,
that need furniture pogabaritney. Furniture for "green table" in the open
air should not be removed away from home (so you do not have to run
for dishes, food, drinks). Landscape architects recommend zonirovat
territory, where arranged the furniture, that is to emphasize and reinforce the isolation of
such places additional means of decorating the garden: paved
platforms, hedges, flower beds. Buying garden furniture, you will be
to a wide selection of individual items and sets of various
materials. Any preference? Each has its own characteristics,
strengths and weaknesses, knowledge of which will help you make the best
choice and to find "their" version. Furniture made of wood looks very
naturally. Manufacturers are increasingly offering its multivariate model:
from trendy to traditional, classic, made in various colors
scheme. There is a massive chair with wide armrests, comfortable high
backs and pillow-top mattresses with adjustable backrest. For manufacturing
such furniture manufacturers use special methods of processing wood
and water-resistant protective compounds, making the product are of particular
strength and are not afraid of rainfall. This furniture is stable
to the vagaries of nature at least 10 years. The cheapest models are covered with varnish or
oil paint. For the Russian expanses, with frequent changes in temperature,
experts do not recommend buying furniture made of pine, birch or oak. On
resistant to freezing temperatures of teak products. Plastic furniture is modern,
practical, elegant, easy, functional, and is not afraid of the dampness. It is
molded, carved or cast in the form folding. Color and constructive
range offers a wide selection that you can make the most incredible
composition for every corner, while in the gardens of this classic style furniture
will not look organic, look too cheap. We can say
it is the most economical way to solve the problem of relaxation and comfort in the garden.
Just do not attract a very low price. Cheap plastic does not make
cold, and in strong sunlight fade or may soften to such an extent
that disperse in the leg side. After a year of active operation of plastic
in low-quality products begins to oxidize and covered with brown around the edges
coating, giving the product a completely unpresentable form. Better to give
preference to the more expensive reinforced plastic, it is used for frame
steel or aluminum. This gives the product strength and stability. Furniture
metal strong and unpretentious, in its endurance, it is ideally suited
to stay outdoors in the rain and snow. Especially decorative
wrought-iron furniture. Cast-iron, at least a bronze, his subtle and ornate molding
it gives the garden of solidity and dignity. Therefore, metal benches,
shop more often used to decorate the garden, as a design element. There is
very durable stainless steel and aluminum, although they are not as
elegant and noble, as forged. In metal furniture is only one drawback
- It is not very comfortable to sit, much less lie down. That is why it is often
combined with other materials - wood, wicker, textiles. Do truckers
traditionally in sympathy, wicker furniture from plant materials.
It is generally perceived as mainly a summer residence. Very aesthetic, comfortable,
all kind of solar and weightless, wicker furniture is associated with good
traditions, homey feel. Among its indisputable merits of environmentally friendly,
it does not accumulate static charges, looks great in the garden. Rattan
palm, wicker, cane, bamboo, seaweed - the length and width of stems,
flexibility and color of these plants are very different, respectively, and the furniture is obtained
very diverse. Colors of her ways to give weaving, construction,
color. In the wake of the outbreak of ethnic styles, fashion demand for basket
increases, so does supply. They are always made from raw materials from overseas and may
behave unpredictably. The best material for wicker furniture is
vine rattan and wicker home, adjusted
to weather fluctuations. In an effort to extend the age of their products, manufacturers
cover them with lacquer. However, the diurnal temperature swings, frequent changes
cool humid and hot sunny days, life is very short braided
furniture. It loses strength, becomes brittle, cracks along the grain
and quickly becomes shabby appearance. If such a subdued furniture
your heart, tune in to exploit it is not in the open. It will serve
longer if you will stand directly in the house, on the veranda, in the gazebo
or a closed terrace. In recent years the Russian market began to appear
furniture from new materials. One of them - steklokompozit. At first glance,
furniture out of it like a basket, but is fundamentally different from all
another, because not afraid of rain. Unusually resistant to
environment, with the passage of time does not alter the original form, it is very
lightweight and durable. Manufacturers claim that the chair of steklokompozita
withstand 450 kg weight. Because these items are not afraid of water can be put,
For example, a table and chair right into the pool. Garden furniture - this is not
only the traditional seating and tables, chairs, couches, hammocks, tents, children's
furniture, tables to work in a greenhouse, beach chairs, swings, rocking chairs,
sofas, shelves, racks, flower boxes. In addition to traditional subjects
there is a very intricate functional items, the original decision. For example,
sofa chest, picnic table on wheels, two-wheeled garden sofa
and two chairs connected by a small table, which in bad weather can
easy to roll up under the canopy, swing with a canopy like a roof. The whole range of styles
- From the massive, austere style to the avant-garde techno. Their diversity provides
us the opportunity to spend their leisure serene, easy and fun to relax
from the heart. The only important skill to pick up and arrange the furniture, but it is a great
art. If you want to avoid the standard, better to use the services

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