Fashion for a healthy lifestyle makes our compatriots choose
eco-friendly materials and techniques .

This trend is already reflected in the market of prefabricated wooden houses, Sales
which annually grow by a third. An added bonus of such structures
is the low price and ease of use, as well as an opportunity to make
In practice, the most daring design ideas. The development of closer to nature
Cottage Building in Ukraine and concern of our citizens about their health
contributed to the boom in the market of wooden prefabricated houses. These facilities
represent a kind of designer - some of the numbered
need to collect according to the attached chart. According to the director of "Master Bruce"
Victor Basco, this year sales of such structures have grown at least
by 20-25%. With a colleague and the director agrees, "Group Scandis LineВ»
Sergey Savchenko is estimated that the annual increase in sales volume
the houses of at least 20-30%. Director of "Attica-style"
Yuri Pavliuk said that sales are not declining, even now, despite not
season for construction work and the crisis in the domestic economy. In his
said the waiting list to get a wooden cottage in their company
painted until spring. Victor Basco says that "the Bar-master" planned out
orders for the year ahead. This trend suggests that the demand
at home so far exceeds supply in the Ukrainian market. A similar
demonstrates the tendency of the world market. For example, in the U.S. each year are buying
500 thousand of wooden houses in Japan - 300 thousand, while in Scandinavia
such buildings occupy about 90% of the real estate market. According to Mr.
Savchenko and housing construction are the most popular home
area of ​​120-250 square meters. m. The active development of tourism has increased the demand for well
commercial areas: recreation and private pensions of prefabricated wooden
structures. Among the reasons for the popularity of cottages experts call them environmentally friendly,
ease of use, relatively inexpensive and the opportunity
reduce construction time. Fast paced life and constant stress causes
many Ukrainians desire to protect themselves from the costs of civilization at least
home. As a result, advocates of healthy lifestyles is becoming
more of our countrymen. Therefore, the possibility to change the "stone bag"
at home of natural wood is perceived to cheer. And if, before
recently, there was a stereotype that the wooden house is more suitable
to give, but now more and more customers are ordering for the construction
permanent residence. Last but not least driven by buyers and the possibility of
save. Wooden house for at least 30-40% cheaper than
brick. Price per square meter of green homes start at $ 450-500
in the case of standard timber and $ 650-750 in the application of laminated
timber. "In fact, for the same money the customer can build a brick
house of 100 square meters. m or 145 sq m wood. m "- added Mr. Basco.
Serhiy Savchenko said that in the segment of luxury homes can save
be more substantial and more than 50%, despite the fact that the cost per square
meter is higher and reaches $ 1, 5-2 thousand / sq. km. m Reduce costs can
in the first place there is no need finishing. After
assembly design interior spaces trimmed the tree, which is ideal
for those who appreciate the country style. At the same time wanting to create a home other
interior can hold a standard finishing: sheathe the walls of plasterboard,
lay decorative plaster, wallpaper paste, etc. Another paper saving
- No costs to pay for construction, because the house already mounting
incorporated in the price. By the way, build eco-friendly cottage breaks all records
on terms. Yuri Pavlyuk says that the house area of ​​300 square meters. m can be
place over the last month, while some areas are building brick for years.
Table of Ranks According to Mr. Pavlyuk offering in Ukraine, wooden
house can be divided into several types. The first group includes the classical
cabins, which are made from whole logs. The advantages of such designs
can be attributed to their relatively low price, which starts from $ 450/kv.
m. However, the desire to save is not always justified, because in this case
Builders are working with raw wood, the humidity level is reached
70%. This is a risk that is already stacked in the wall of the house logs will shrink
and deformed. This process can take a year or two until the moisture
wood is reduced to 13-14%. Yuri Pavlyuk says that shrinking wall
3 m in height during this time will be 30 cm deformation Moreover, as a rule,
unevenly, so it's possible distortion of the walls. Clearly,
In this situation, put the windows, stairs and doors, without waiting for
House sits down, experts do not recommend. Consequently, the new home will
postponed for at least 1, 5-2 years after installation "box". However, to
minimize the effects of drying wood is now used all sorts of
technological tricks. For example, some manufacturers offer log
of logs. In this case, the company takes the complexity of installation
and labor-intensive manufacturing processes themselves, and eliminates potential problems
at the design stage. The company otsilindrovuyut logs, adjusting
them under a single standard diameter. Some go even further, drying
tree in special chambers to reduce the time of final shrinkage of the building.
But despite all the tricks, to completely eliminate "movements" of whole house
timber can not. The second category includes the design of the sliced ​​beam.
Standard log hewing, giving them a rectangular shape, which makes
modern house and allows for more design
plans. But the main problem of whole timber - high humidity -
still remains. The third group includes houses from glued beams, which
today considered the most tech. In their production
solid timber sawn into slats and dried, achieving the level of humidity
timber in 12-14%. After that, from a tree, if necessary, cut
defective parts and glued to the boards. When gluing wood slats
fibers are deployed in opposite directions from each other, that
increases the strength of the finished lumber. Due to the length of matching blades may
lumber production up to 12 m, which allows to carry out projects for
amateur large scale. After gluing solid timber slats in the last
profiled, giving the desired cross-section. Thorough drying
provides assurance that the finished house will not subsequently be deformed,
therefore, he does not have to stand, as is the case with the construction of
whole logs. As noted by Mr. Pavlyuk, after acceptance by the customer decisions
about buying a house from glued beam, immediately made his project, and while drying
concrete foundation (three to four weeks), it is realistic to make and very
construction. Naturally, in this case, the waiting time is minimal. An important
advantage of the cottages of laminated veneer lumber is their thermal stability.
It should be noted that the wooden houses generally have good thermal insulation.
For example, a beam thickness of 24-25 cm by their ability to retain heat may
compete with the brick wall at 1 m, which saves about 30%
means for heating the room. But in the case of the laminated board sufficient
will have a wall thickness 18-22 cm is considered that, for example, for the climate
zone of central Ukraine to withstand the wall thickness of 22 cm, then
as for the southern regions of 18 cm is enough now appeared on the market
proposals that make wooden houses still warmer. For example,
company, "Beam-master," according to Victor Basco, for the first time offering structures
with layers of foam inside the walls. By the way, the dignity of wooden
home is not only heat resistance, but also the ability to stay cool
in the hot season. Wooden walls, accumulate and evaporate moisture,
can be compared with a natural air conditioner, the regulatory climate in the house.
The result can be achieved for optimal human humidity 46-56%,
as well as saving on ventilation. According to studies, if
evaluation of comfort of the atmosphere as a reference to choose a wooden cottage
(Figure 1), the comfort of home with ceramic bricks will be
0, 7, made of concrete - 0, 5. Serhiy Savchenko says that houses made of glued
timber stand out a long service life. Over the years, the veins
resin in the wood crystallize, making the material stronger. In Finland
many houses are already stood for 200 years and do not look
worse than the built in this century. Warranty Experts converge in comfort
opinion that the duration and ease of use in a wooden house
depends on the quality of raw material from which it is made. As a rule,
production of such structures using several types of wood: pine,
larch, spruce. Victor Basco said that the most versatile raw material
is pine, which is ideally suited for cottage construction.
El softer, larch, and vice versa - is dense, which ensures longevity,
but decreases the level of insulation. As a consequence, the home of larches worse
store heat than the same pine. In kompvanii "Attica-style" note that
in Russia for production houses use a larch and cedar. Our
the same company working with domestic raw materials: Carpathian pine and white
spruce Smereka, Chernigov and other carotid Company representing in Ukraine
Finnish manufacturers, according to Mr. Savchenko, offering facilities of
Finnish northern pine or spruce. This tree is credited with close family
with juniper, which gives it antibacterial properties. This
wood feature is particularly appreciated by people suffering from diseases of the upper
respiratory tract, as saying that the house of Finnish pine or spruce
easier to breathe. In addition, the northern tree that grew up in a cold climate,
is more dense in structure, and therefore more durable. Some
companies operating on the Ukrainian market, sell houses in these deciduous
species such as oak, ash, as well as import meranti, teak, American cedar.
There are offers of houses made of Siberian larch, which is rich in the north of Russia.
This material is environmentally friendly and healthy, as
after treatment highlights volatile, providing a natural cleaning
air. Experts say that working with any natural wood
which is considered a living material that allows for any design
fantasy clients, even those that can not be done in the case of the brick
masonry. But, according to Sergei Savchenko, at the height of fashion is now at home in style
Modern - to the body in the form of triangles, cubes, spheres, whose projects' Group
Companies Scandic Line В»is developing jointly with Italian designers.
Many connoisseurs of country style, that seek to maximize
features a wooden design space, as well as combine wood
with natural stone, stucco. A lot of the projects involve a combination of
tree with ceramics, metal, glass. For example, very impressive in a wooden
cottage look or a glass winter garden gallery. His lack of design
You can call in advance unless the need to plan the placement
electrical outlets, because the wiring runs inside the walls, and, if necessary
add a point after the assembly of the house have to let the wires outside the walls.
For VIP-clients offer luxury buildings in the assembly,
that provides not only increased up to 30 cm thick walls, and more
interior decoration designs pine species of valuable trees, such as
cedar, exotic hardwood. In addition, these variants are equipped with
high-quality windows made of oak or ash, which on the outside for more
strength aluminum plates are provided. Do not get along long
thought that the wooden houses are more vulnerable to fire,
than the classic brick. However, the present level of technology
can cope with this problem. It tells Victor Basco, in
wood is impregnated during manufacture several types of drugs
including fire prevention, anti-bacterial, which prevent
development of fungi and mold, and insect repellent. Additionally
the same stained wood preservatives in different colors (there are about
200), which allows us to achieve the desired design effect. According to
Mr. Basco, the most popular among Ukrainians is a natural shade
pine. Meanwhile, the use of chemicals can become a problem for the homeowner.
Says Mr. Savchenko, small semi-firm, which massively
go to the domestic market often use low quality, and
sometimes overtly toxic impregnation, which not only affects the quality of
home, but also threatens the health of people living there. "For example, some
Fire drugs that are widely used, we are prohibited
in Europe "- said the expert, advising customers when choosing a contractor
ask the chemicals used by quality certificates. Active
market development and the associated mass emergence of new companies increases
and the risk to buy a cottage of poor quality wood. Director of "Attica-style"
Yuri Pavliuk said that the equipment required for the organization
full production is very expensive. For example, for processing of whole
logs need equipment worth at least $ 100-200 thousand, and offer
production of laminated veneer lumber may be only those who have previously invested in the production
base of $ 3-5 million is clear that such expenses are prepared, not all,
so often provides the buyer poorly treated and dried
wood, which then threatens to turn constructed from such materials
house 'card. " Victor Basco said that the construction of low-quality
Wood will be purged, it can significantly deformed and distorted,
therefore, before placing an order, it is worth wondering whether the Company
industrial base, and even better to visit the enterprise. Large
producers are willing to provide a guarantee on the construction for a period of
five years and are taken as necessary to correct possible deformations.
Serhiy Savchenko advice when choosing a contractor to ask such a nuance,
as the quality of forests, in particular, to find out when the tree was cut off because
it is believed that the best time for harvesting - winter, when the course of the resin in the stems
slow. Conversely, a cut in the warm season, the tree will be looser,
and hence less durable. Equally important is the build quality. "If the assembly
made in bad faith, the owner threatened with the problems associated with the deformation
design "- concludes Mr. Savchenko.

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