Today on rental rates in Kiev significantly influence fluctuations in the dollar,
as well as reduced purchasing power : as a result of folding
mortgage programs, many are forced to postpone buying an apartment and look for
rental housing . As a result, many tenants are combined to remove
apartment , " a purse ", or simply reduce the leased area , moving
from one-bedroom in one bedroom .

As the monitoring board, the cheapest one-bedroom apartment
in Kiev (24.10.2008) offered $ 500 in Desnianskyi area. The most expensive
offer - for $ 5 thousand to 7 rooms - it was in the Pechersk district. On average,
the situation in Kiev in the rental market is as follows: Dormitory rent and costs
from $ 600 a month, one-bedroom apartments offer of $ 800 per month, 2-room
on average cost $ 1,200, and the "three-ruble note" can be removed for $ 1,600 a month. "Demand
house, oddly enough, is growing. Lease all or even illiquid: one-room
it is difficult to find cheaper than $ 700 "- explains the situation officer
AN "AlyansBrok" Vladimir Stolitny. According to him, the main reason for the current
situation: the lack of current mortgage programs. "Who
can not buy - rent. And now can not buy one "- said Stolitny.
At the same time, Jaroslav Hours, director of the Academy of Sciences "Best Realty", which specializes
an expensive lease, said that his agency demand has decreased because
that customers are waiting for lower prices. "Customers who have made an order to search for apartments
call and ask to postpone the order of two to three weeks to wait for lower
prices ", - he said. According to the agency, the demand for rental today
not satisfied: "Unmet demand is very high. Now the owners of
Apartments are selected from the tenants. "Watch also noted that if the effects of
financial crisis will worsen, we can assume that the tenants of large
apartments will be moving into smaller ones. "I did not watch yet, but the situation
to go "- he added. At the same time, many metropolitan agencies, realtors
noted an increase in demand for share a room. Thus, popular in the West
Neighborhood (fletmeyt) is becoming increasingly urgent in Ukraine. Young
people who have come to the capital to work and learn, prefer to rent one
apartment for two. The cases when the three-room apartments is removed
5 to 7 people. On the question of whether the expected decrease in rent prices because
with the financial crisis, realtors respond unequivocally no. "Proposals
especially the quality of housing is extremely small, and therefore speak of lowering
is not necessary. Increase in prices in dollar terms has not occurred, but
tenants who receive wages in the national currency, we felt it in your wallet "-
considers Stolitny. At the moment, due to the rise in price of the dollar, the tenant
overpaying for one hryvnia per dollar of the purchase price. In
result for a flat valued at $ 500 this month, the tenant will pay
about 3,000 USD.

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