Design cottage - it is much more laborious and responsible than the design
apartment. You need to create an individual that matches your tastes
interior design, given the large number of premises for different purposes.
The concept of interior design should include the exterior and landscaping .

Modern Russian interior is becoming one of the brightest
indicators of changes that have occurred to us recently. We "enter
in Europe "and are becoming more knowledgeable and emancipation in organizing
their living space. The interior design is becoming widely popular,
because our claims and capabilities grow. Now we know that every home
should be individualized, because the individual owners, their habits and needs
very different. The world simply can not exist people
all similar, and therefore should not be identical houses. Now
we want to live in an apartment, "not as a neighbor," and if you decide to create in his
home comfortable and contemporary interior, you need to decide - how
You just want to see it? What do you want to feel, being in new surroundings
and how it should be realized your idea of ​​comfort? interior
The most important thing is the atmosphere in the interior. So save your precious
time, and that is not unimportant - the money, deciding how to look interior
about which you dream. And then themselves take many doubts and concerns
related to the selection of furniture, materials, textiles and decoration. Look through
magazines, and when you will have some free time, just turn
music and meditate. It is possible that such a proposal may seem to you surprising
but meditation - a very useful exercise not only for relaxation but also
to best focus on an issue that requires urgent solution.
Retreat, relax and make themselves the order - "to see my house
Dream, "" dream bedroom "or" living room .... " Closing his eyes, just enjoy
pop associations. If you will stop outside thoughts - please
and release them, let me slowly swim by, and themselves mentally back
to the image of the "dream house". After that, you will only write the key elements
Your "journey". If you have a favorite either, the original object,
he could become a major focus in your new interior. For example: service
or tiebacks, painting, textiles, or old photographs of family
album. A good designer always take care to preserve and develop
in the interior theme dear to your heart of things. Interior And now it is
it's time to consult specialists. Work on the interior design is
in the joint search for the desired image of your apartment, cottage or
cottage. Next, the designer will perform sketches - drawings by hand, or three-dimensional
computer models. While working on the sketches, the designer takes into account the specific
technical parameters of the premises, outlines what materials are needed for
embodiment of the idea and eventually created a final draft to be submitted to
Your statement. Then, in the case included construction workers, who produce
renovation and construction under the supervision of and implement in practice even
wildest design ideas. Whatever goals you have set ourselves,
conceiving future interior - impress your friends, make the house comfortable for the
spouse, child or foster talent to recreate the atmosphere
country in which you have successfully rested or just dream of visiting, the possibility of
modern interior design will allow them to achieve. The main thing that you
"Want" and know "what"! The rest leave it to professionals. Knowledge
and expertise and your personal views on the future of the interior
do the trick. And most importantly, feel free to ask, do not be afraid to express and discuss
with a designer all my wishes concerning arrangement of his house.

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