Comprehensive design and renovation of apartment - it is always a radical break in
including psychological : for many it is difficult psychologically to decide
for such a radical step , as a complete reworking the family nest , which
they are so long and tinted podlatyvali .

The main thing - to make the first step: After reading this article, take a hammer and hit
as follows on the wall. When you see a crumbling plaster, and what
old junk is in there, you will feel how you felt better,
and you want to break anything else. Please, nothing does not deny
- 15 minutes self-therapy you can invite a team of professionals. But
do not forget the penalties for unauthorized alterations. Stages of a long journey
The first phase of a complex repair "secondary" apartment - complete dismantling
transforms into an apartment house open plan. Demolished walls,
removable floors, ceilings to tie, all plumbing, electrical, windows. Of course,
If the tenant arranges some partition, it remains the same: the customer -
king and god. Then re-routed communications: heating, water supply,
sewerage, electricity, telephone and television cables, etc. are created
new partition (about plan options - below). The walls are often dismiss the
wallpaper for painting, but it depends on price range. With the price of repair
works of more than $ 200 per square. m are possible and paint (no wallpaper), and others
options, such as Venetian plaster or upholstery fabric. Practically
always make the ceiling in two or three levels for painting with a hidden
lighting. Many lean well to the tension ceilings and is widely
distribution. On the floor is usually put floorboard. In general, except for
disassembly (which usually lasts about three weeks), repairs may be divided
into two phases - for roughing and finishing. The first of these is very time-consuming, it
includes, but is re-paving of all communications, and creating more
ties, lining the walls. This stage takes about a month. What's left
behind the builders, suggests that the geometry they just do not know.
Search right angles and perpendicular to the surface in some apartments
- A hopeless task. Then comes the more pleasing to the landlord
trouble - the choice of materials and equipment for finishing. Client
may use the services of a designer who will develop a common vision,
make selection of colors and materials offer - then the process a complex
repair and design is supported by more flats. Walls should not constrain
Most repairs fantasy "secondary" housing and redevelopment takes place.
According to people who have money to repair the complex (ie, not
poorest), the walls should be not quite there or not, where
suggested architects. Previously, even in Stalin's homes (the then elite)
not to mention the typical panel houses various stages of industrial housing,
used an entirely different approach to the internal living space,
which corresponded to the then social realities. Architects sought
to room-corridor structure with isolated kitchen. Primary trend
today - is to create a maximum amount of living due to its expansion
and associations with food. Lifestyle change and constant cooking for a large
family has lost relevance, and along with it the need for a separate
kitchen. But the number of inhabitants has decreased, and the opportunity to create
living on the site of a former versatile rooms. Few, however,
in urban areas to reach a more radical redesign of the American
type: the destruction of the hall, when the front door of the apartment does not separate
from the living room. Such conservatism, perhaps it makes sense, since few
of the residents who wanted an apartment building continuously listen lyazgane
elevator and songs always have something marking the stairwell neighbors. Also
Few dare to give precious square footage under the cupboards,
We called sinister and mysterious - the dark room, which allow
largely to get rid of furniture. As a transitional alternative to secession
Rights of the things used closets, which are closer to our mentality,
as reminiscent of the notorious "wall". Ambivalence to reconcile
separate sanitation facilities. In small apartments, typical for this are usually so
as well as bathroom, toilet and individually too small for the larger
apartments - because it's convenient (in Western countries, sorry for the detail,
the bathrooms are almost always there is the toilet). If space allows, customers
try to arrange two bathrooms - the main is usually adjacent to the master bedroom.
Anyway, part of the walls is usually a hindrance. To get rid of them, it is necessary
obtain a permit. Previously, most owners ignore this procedure,
but today it is fraught with trouble, especially if your undertakings in some
way affect the interests of the neighbors or they just report back to you where you want.
And rightly so, because the house - is a single meaningful whole, and
as a result of ill-considered action strength of certain constructions can
be sacrificed. Can be destroyed by heating, ventilation, electrical wiring,
damaged pipeline, and more. Not to mention the fact that there were
and are skilled craftsmen, delivering heat to the glazed balconies, suiting
in an apartment saunas and Jacuzzi, and even attempting to "remove" structural engineering
home. "A primary": after us - even repairs At a time when the apartment is not
sold, but only heard, new home was usually accompanied
with repairs. That is why the tradition into a new apartment to start
first cat - if it does not fail, you can go, to celebrate the new home
and taken for repairs. In fact, most of the trim, including windows,
doors and bathroom fixtures, unfit for life is not so much as to appease
state commission, which, however, looking forward to caviar and balychok, special captiousness
not different. Now the situation has changed - the commercial new construction shall be
without any decoration. The reasons for a few. For developers fine finish
- It is too troublesome and not profitable compared to the capital
construction to deal with them seriously. For the owner is cheaper
to find their builders, also it will be easier to agree on the details
and control quality. When the monsters come from the construction industry for finishing
finish, then they do it very badly, and residents still endure in all
containers and sent to a landfill. Therefore, renting an apartment rough,
developers, firstly, reduce the cost and construction time, and secondly
make life easier for tenants. And a lot to them for this! I do not know, added
Does this repair companies, but certainly, reduce the work of those involved
recycling of construction waste. Open space has become fashionable in
the reality is: the tenant enters into the apartment and sees that there is nothing
No - walls, doors, not surfaced. There's only window, and sometimes
- Electrical wiring. However, less fashionable layout is not free
exactly the same with the only slight difference is that the walls already in place.
Of course, even before a miserable finish to play its social role, because
many could not afford large-scale repairs. And now there is such
situation that those who can not pay for repairs, and can not buy an apartment.
I should add that in the municipal corporation, obtained a waiting finish
still produced, and the quality of her grew, the more that the city authorities
have been paying much attention to the problem after numerous complaints.
So there is hope that today's newcomers will not have an acute desire to
take up the hammer and make a comprehensive design and renovation of the apartment.

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