The reason for the erection of the conservatory can be a terrace or balcony . Getting Started
for installation of the winter garden , make sure that the foundation on which to
structure to be erected - nepromerzaemy . Otherwise, it will need to
prepare .

For a start before the construction of the garden to determine whether enough space
to dig a trench for the foundation and do not need to be to do something
dismantled or removed. Will not interfere with the fence, flower beds and ponds.
Designing a garden is down, construction begins with the same foundation.
At the design stage to foresee the possibility of withdrawal
water, providing ventilation and engagement of electricity and control systems.
The foundation is no less important than other structures. Depth of foundation
depends on local conditions. One of the hidden problems that
may be encountered in laying the foundation - it drains, hatches, which
because of the depth of the mine, do not always get around. For greater rigidity
and in order to properly set himself a winter garden, under the counter to install
steel plates. Lay the foundation necessary for the unfrozen soil. Plate on
the floor should be well protected from moisture and retain heat well. "Warm
sex "is not advisable to pack a winter garden because of sharp temperature
jumps for which the system can not react quickly enough. Waterproofing
in the joints of the foundation of a design can be accomplished through
waterproof film that captures the structural part and the part of the foundation.
If the design of the garden adjacent to the building, the film must cover
part of the wall of the building and move to the rafters. In order to trenches in
while frost is not formed ice in the European countries use the system
heating. Special sensor includes a heating system at a temperature of 5
degrees. When designing a winter garden, you should take into account many more
factors. First of all, pay attention to the side of the world, which will be called
garden. If the party north, the problems should arise. In other embodiments
necessary to provide shade, which comes in two flavors: * internal (under
conservatory roof) * external (outside awnings installed) To
to attach the windows and doors to the building wall, you need to use
mounting dowels, so that the weight of the load reported wall. Attaching
elements of design to the walls of light construction (eg, foamed)
need to use anchors with elongate zone. The attachment points must have
at intervals of 150 mm from the inner corners and up to 700 mm between the mounting points.
The corner posts are attached to the base structure by means of thrust bearings,
are fixed anchors, calculated for large loads. Reinforcement
rafters fixed to the base with corners on both sides, or special
profile and reinforcement struts fastened to the foundation with steel
parts and plugs. Getting Started Installation of the winter garden, it should be graphically
demarcate the winter garden in the plan, given the magnitude of assembly joints
and thereby determine the position of corner posts. First the
first corner, thrust bearing for mounting rack, then mount the corner
element, the element of the front desk with an angular profile is attached to latch
to set a side item. By building a wall mounted horizontal
support for the rafters. Then mount the front wall elements with
or reinforcing the profile or the integrated rack. During the installation of the
element is fastened to the walls. At the same time still not be connected
elements of the front wall. The next step will be - to put on foundation
second toe. Fits the last element of the front wall and the second
corner post is installed on the saddle. The other side of the element set
into position and fastened with a corner bar. Connection profile
snaps on the front of the cell in which to strengthen the angles
design, with two sides, inserted steel corners, and fastened
and the reinforcement bars. Reinforcing corners are fastened to the ground, which
After installation will not be visible. After that, in the connection profile
installed leveling wedges of foam PVC. Profile cross-
bolted to the side and middle rafters. The final step - fixing
racks and side elements, respectively, to the foundation and wall construction.
Top contiguity performed using aluminum profiles, cross
for the formation of lower adjunction of the roof is glued to the set wedge
and fastened to the rafters. Mounted windows, roof glazing. In the last
turn attached aluminum laths. The optimal material
basis for the winter garden is a lightweight, durable aluminum. Winter gardens
assembled from a qualitative profile, are without major repairs
hundred years. In Europe, also used steel and plastic profiles,
but in our harsh winters design requirements more stringent
associated with strong temperature changes during the year and more
precipitation, particularly snow. Wood is used less frequently. Although it is very nice,
but also very expensive. Wood requires a lot of training and safety procedures.

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