Generator - how many people know what it is and whether or not at all. Everybody Hates
when I would like to be ready , but ... We like to think that
disaster happens somewhere out there - with other people, but not with our family.
But the fact is that nobody on this planet has no control over what might happen.

Power outage occurs everywhere, because of the snow blizzards (even
in the south), violent rainstorms with hurricanes, flash floods, hurricanes and
tornadoes. We also held captive national electricity system,
which seems to be working more on parole than on technology. Simple
damage the fragile power grid can lead to loss of electricity
for several days or even weeks. We do not have to be victims when
is an accident. We can store food in your fridge, use
air-conditioning, lighting and everything else at home. We can save your
family, and perhaps along the way to help neighbors. Many people are not ready, but
at this time and age, we just have to be ready. Hope it's good
thing, but it also must be ready with an alternative source of energy.
The generator is one of the most rational alternative acquisitions
source of energy for the home. The generator provides power only
when you need it, without using conventional energy. The generator is simply necessary
when you have an asthmatic in the house, if you have electric heating, or someone
the house needs a constant supply of oxygen. The generator is also indispensable
if you care about the comfort and safety of your family. Here are some
Questions to ask yourself before you finally choose a generator:
Do I need an alternate source of energy? Indeed,
If you want what would you have something to work, if you want to heat or cool
air, what would a refrigerator or freezer was working, or if you simply live
can not without a cup of coffee. Why choose a generator? Generators lead to
effect of refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and air conditioners. On generator
You can count on at once in order to avoid long or short end
energy supply. From it can also operate your home computer, without
all the voltage fluctuations, due to which your computer can simply burn out.
As the generator can protect my family? Your air conditioner can be operated
from the generator, so you can keep the windows closed to protect your family
and the value of a possible attack. Secure the generator? Generator completely
safe if you use the power cords of the appropriate size recommended
manufacturer. Never try to connect your generator to power lines.
Reverse power supply can be fatal. Always read the instructions
and follow it. What about carbon monoxide? Carbon monoxide is a colorless gas
and smell that can kill you when you smile. Never turn
generator in an enclosed space such as a basement, garage or the attached
porch. Choosing the appropriate generator from time to time if, during
short disruptions in the supply of electricity, you have a need to run
several small devices, or to include somewhere in the world, then you will approach
standard generator, which has the engine with side valves
(SV), with a capacity of 2 kW. If your home or office needs a reliable backup
source of energy for the long-term power failure, then you have to choose
generator type verhneklapanny (OHV) or industrial verhneklapanny (OHVI)
engine with a capacity of 3, 5 kW. It should also take into account other features
such as spin-on oil filter for engine automatic stabilization
voltage (AVR); control at idle, the possibility of 12-volt
charging. Remember that the generator is not fashionable or elegant toy device.
It is a powerful mechanism that can launch a major appliances,
such as a blower oven, drain pump, pump depth, TVs,
lighting, air conditioners, electric ovens and microwave ovens. Before you buy,
Check the label on your appliances to be aware of their power in watts.
Generators are evaluated on such two parameters: the power of the continuous
mode and power to the release of tension (in watts). You need a high power
both. You want to drain pump not only worked, but
For example, you start to be a powerful release of tension to start
engine. Here are some basic items that you need to know
Before you buy a generator: Stationary Generator: If you do
no stationary generator, get it until you bumped storm.
Stationary generators is more expensive to install and requires permission.
It also requires a separate power switch allows you to run,
pre-selected, light bulbs, refrigerators, air conditioners and water. If
You can afford, it is such a generator is worth buying. Portable
generator: portable generators are ideal for the role of immediate
standby power source. However, they run on gasoline and must be
keep away from home. Deadly carbon monoxide gas, which it produces can
to kill you while you sleep. So prepare for a strong outer cover
generator. Hang the padlock if you are concerned that the generator can
steal. Carbon monoxide detector: this is a necessary thing, if you have
generator. The detector operates on batteries and you should always have
batteries in reserve. With minor embezzlement, this precaution may
save your life. You will not need to see how your family is suffering because of
power outages, no equipment required for health and safety.
Purchase of the generator - it's an important decision that can save lives and change
world a better place.

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