If you have an apartment in the heritage, the first thing to go
to a notary and make sure you are listed in the will as heir
real estate.

On the application for registration of a certificate of inheritance laws
available 6 months after the death of the testator. Challenged to extend
legislation can be time when there is enough compelling reasons to the court
order. The application for recognition of heirs and to obtain evidence
must submit a notary public documents such as: testimony
of the testator's death, proof of relationship, regular passport
successor, as well as documents on the inherited property, if any,
are the heir. If the heirs of a few, some of the documents
may be provided by them. If necessary, the notary will indicate what additional
Documents needed for registration of a certificate for an inherited apartment.
Successor, in accordance with the law, we can become, according to the terminology
"Testamentary" or "by law". The most conflict-free way to dispose of
property - leave certified by a notary will, which will
Set heir (heirs of the circle). In other cases, shall enter into force the legislative
rule of inheritance by law. Designations in a will can inherit
are to be alive at the time of departure from the life of the deceased person, persons,
born after his death (but conceived during the life) of the testator, as well as state
charitable and commercial organizations. Priority inheritance
determined by the degree of relationship to the deceased. In this case the transfer
Not all the heirs to be specified in the will of the property, but only that
which belonged to the testator at the time of death for the rights of private property.
Said, for example, in the will, but was sold during the lifetime of the testator
apartment can not be obtained heirs. If you received an inheritance
apartment in debt, is the key to the mortgage or leased,
address these issues are with a bank, insurance company or the tenant.
Resigning is a mortgage bank lender based on issued
notary certificate of inheritance.

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