Plastic windows - the perfect solution for cold drafts and
our homes. These are very simple, but at the same time efficient designs
make our house cozy and comfortable. However, in order to fully
to feel the whole effect of these structures must be right to hold assembly
plastic windows.

Installation of plastic windows - a very important process, because anyone who wants to
buy a new windows should be aware that this depends on whether
They are durable and effective, or spoil in a year or two. Therefore
Think again if you plan to make installation of plastic windows
independently. In any case, you need to pay attention to the subtleties
and the difficulties that arise during the installation. By the way, they will be useful
not only to you. But the people that make installation of plastic windows, so
as real experts in this field, as they say "the day of the fire ... ".
After all, the biggest problem - the correct sizing of windows. Therefore
man, which measures the window should have an excellent space fantasy
and analytical thinking, as well as the need to have experience in this field.
Since in most cases, the window openings do not fit standard windows
under construction today, you need to make very precise measurements, for
to installation of plastic windows do not become a time bomb
action, which will turn him into futile search for a way out of countless
position. Installation of plastic windows must be made on strictly defined
parameters. Measure needed on all sides from the middle and outside.
It is clear that the window should beat no less than the external dimensions of the aperture, but not
drop out. Must also consider the fact that the opening can be
uneven or badly skewed. This leads to the need to increase
window size on the value of bias. This can be achieved with the help of several
methods, to increase size of window boxes, window to expand with the help of special
window profiles, which are latched to the box. But here we must accurately
clearly and ensure that the design fit the window opening, in which
it is inserted. Installation of plastic windows should provide all possible
and even impossible shades. Installation of plastic windows have many features.
One of them is the shape and specificity of the installation. Some prefer
window frame to completely wall up to the gap, while others want
the entire window to be seen. Both the first and the second option will be most effective,
if properly carried out installation. But in terms of setting better than the second
Alternatively, as in this case, there is less opportunity to make a mistake,
accordingly the consequences will be minor. Installation of plastic windows
also provides for the establishment of additional features that greatly
extend lines of operation, such as drainage. Below must be installed
drain to drain rainwater. Extreme window box should be lower on
edge of the slot. Besides the boundary between the outflow and the window frame must be
seal, such as silicone. But we need to see to it that
water is not leaking and did not spoil the wall of the building. To this end sill
set with a slight slope down. Sealing of windows - very important
process. The most effective sealant is polyurethane foam, which
has many advantages. Firstly, excellent insulation and sealing,
the ability to make and distribute evenly the stresses
and gravity. Secondly, the foam can fill even the most uneven surfaces.
Third, the foam is easy to use and relatively inexpensive. I must say
more technological method at the moment no. However, the Foam
has several drawbacks that affect the installation of plastic windows.
She is spoiled by sunlight, because it must necessarily
zashtukaturivat or paint. And yet, this foam is not waterproof, so
it must be protected from rain and snow. This will help the above listed
options. Throughout the rest of it is quite practical and comfortable material.
Thus, the installation of plastic windows, as you can see the process is fairly complicated
and require special and specific efforts. However, tracing the correctness of
for each stage of installation, installation of plastic windows will be held
at the highest level, so that your windows will be a long and reliable.

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