Management Company Dmitry Firtash Group DF may waive the intention
acquire a controlling stake in the bank "Nadra".

After the National Bank refused to grant the bank the next tranche of
refinancing at 2, 5 bln., the bank began to experience difficulties, according to
Economic news. Sources at the National Bank argued that the regulator still
has not provided the Group DF permission to acquire the bank. Delayed
that the regulator has put forward a potential requirement to serve shareholders
debts "Nadra" and make it into real money in the form of business accounts and
deposits. However, funds for the completion of bank liabilities has not yet been received.
Financial experts say that because of the superficial audit conducted in "Nadra"
most of the potential problems the bank is not caught the eye of buyers.
"Now when they had more in-depth analysis, we realized that most
part of the obligations can not be bridged by financial flows of
business "- says one of them. Confirmation of the complex situation in the bank
the delay in repayment of deposits, term issue that has already occurred.
First of all, it concerns foreign currency deposits. Statements about Yulia Tymoshenko
Bank involvement in corrupt schemes have led to that "Nadra" stopped
obtain refinancing and lost the ability to buy foreign currency from the NBU for
obligations. Market rumors began to circulate about the desire Dmitry
Firtash abandon the intention to acquire a controlling stake in the bank
"Nadra", citing political pressure from the Prime Minister. The bank
"Nadra" reported that this information is incorrect.
Mr. Firtash himself on the TV channel "Inter" on Friday said that the process
bank acquisition can be completed in May. "Just to be held January 24
shareholders' meeting. This is the first. Second - I have to get permission
National Bank ", - he said. The last condition Firtash called auditing, which
completed by KPMG in May. Experts believe that if the sale
not take place, the financial market expects a new round of deficit on the hryvnia
interbank market, which may be the last for some banks.
"If a company refuses to Dmitry Firtash transaction, it will have serious
impact on the entire banking market. Interbank transactions can be fully
frozen - the ex-deputy chairman of NBU Sergey Yaremenko.
- In the limiting amounts of refinancing operations of the National Bank
it will be another impetus for a systemic crisis. " Meanwhile, some
believe that the co-owner of RosUkrEnergo not be so easy to get away from "Nadra".
"Company Group DF is public and operates in the international market.
If Mr. Firtash will leave "Nadra" and the bank goes bankrupt, this is serious
impact on his reputation as an investor and business partner in new deals
Mergers and Acquisitions "- said the head of one representative
of foreign banks in Ukraine. He believes that now has become hostage to Group DF
political situation and refuses to buy "Nadra" at the very least.
"However, if officials continue to attack the bank, you may receive from Firtash
justification "- sums up the financier.

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