Form paths, areas for recreation, lawn and flower beds plays an important
role in the design of the garden, emphasizing his individuality . Circle , hemisphere ,
ball - ideal forms for any garden, especially a small one. Circular forms
make the garden a more dynamic and , in addition, allow to solve spatial

Most residents own small garden plots of 6-8 acres. Significant
of floor space occupied by the house, outbuildings, garage, adults
Fruit trees and shrubs, garden. So the dream of the owner of this site
is the desire to visually enlarge. Perhaps the most simple and effective
way to optically widen the space - to use in the design of the garden
round shape. When such areas as the site for recreation or lawn, attached to
form a circle, and the tracks run through a smooth, soft lines, the garden looks
more spacious and is incomparably more comfortable. Flowing lines and rounded
form, which many prefer when you make flower gardens, ponds
and lawns, are borrowed from nature, in which straight lines and angles are almost
excluded. In order to maintain the selected style and enhance the overall impression
necessary to select appropriate plants and decorative materials.
Free-growing shrubs, lush flower gardens, as well as areas for recreation
and sidewalks, cobblestone or clinker brick, suitable
Natural Garden for a romantic style. A pond surrounded by a wide border
of flower perennials, interspersed with large boulders, once again
underline the general harmony. Entrance area garden starts with a gate, so
is particularly think about its design, as well as the entrance area, which is
as a hallmark of the garden. Very impressive entry will look like in the garden
through the arch entwined with climbing roses. You are disturbed that they require special
care? Let the little girl on the pillars of the unpretentious grapes. Green arch in a special way
will play, if you put at the foot of bushes, which can be cut,
giving them the shape of a ball, or create a composition of several layers, the dominant
which will plant the spherical shape. If on both sides of the gate,
like guards, are cone-shaped arborvitae, the severity of the picture we can again
revive the round forms. Spherical bushes host cushion
Plants make the composition more expressive, it will add texture and finished
form. Entrance area, usually includes a front garden. Many seek
place here alpine slide, but this decision can not be called successful
structure usually looks artificial, except in cases where
garden is located on a slope. The main principle in the design of front garden - the refusal
excess. Garden can be arranged in a regular style. Strict
pattern of geometric shapes, again, revive the plant-balls, as well as sculpture
stones and round shapes. If a track from the gate to the house runs a meandering path,
let it be laid on the lawn, and along it here and there in the feature
Place a few bushes mess spherical plant near
that is pictorial, for example, round rock garden or ground
lights-balls. Particular attention should be given to paths in the garden plots
elongated, narrowed shape that does not look very comfortable. Route
in a garden of winding paths, and the place in which it turns or
makes a loop, designate a group of rounded plants. Optically it will reduce the
unwanted perspective and draw attention to a peaceful corner in the middle
garden. Instead, plants can be used for this purpose, large artificial
boulders are made of clay or concrete. Green living is one of the most
favorite places in the garden - a platform for the rest. She looks the most impressive,
if its paved with tiles in a circle or in the form of freely overlapping overlapping
on each other circle (in this case used to cover different
materials, such as different shapes of tiles and gravel). Looks great
and wooden flooring throughout, slightly elevated above the ground. But the interior
green living not only create a "floor" and the furniture - it is important to
choose plants that will surround the site, create a mood.
Plants theme taken up by two or three trees with a round crown, planted along the boundaries
area. Perfect candidate for this - willow (Salex), which is the crown with
Cutting is easy to shape the world. Fans of the natural style you can
recommend shtambovye crops such as roses, though in recent
there are more interesting forms shtambovyh gooseberries, currants and
other fruit crops. At the foot of "trunks," domed possible to land
perennials, at the lowest level - cushion plants (stonecrop,
thyme, etc.). For harmony to round forms, add a bit of contrast,
extending up plants such as marsh iris, and various grasses. Bright yellow
forzitsii flowers (Forsythia intermedia) bloom in early spring before
appearance of the foliage. During this period forzitsiyu be protected from birds, which
peck love buds. This shrub reaches 2, 5 m in height.
Boxwood and other shrubs, which have a spherical shape of the crown, well
amenable to pruning, however, require the gardener's patience and accuracy.
At least twice a year the young shoots must be cut. Lawn
In the center of the garden is very appropriate throughout the lawn. Dense environment of high
herbaceous perennials and shrubs, creating ideal conditions for private
recreation. You do not need the site to a lawn in every garden. When
land area is small and the seats on the outdoor terrace is enough, you can
well do without the green carpet. If you pave it in the form of a circle or
semi-circle and surrounded with flowering shrubs and intimate atmosphere of this corner
recreation can be enjoyed as a family. Instead of a lawn can be applied
also a patio or a circular area with flower bed in the middle, paved with clinker
brick. Even the tiny pond pond gives the garden a completely different
appearance. And if you have very little space, the best option - to stay
in the round forms. A small fountain, surrounded by a circle cobbles
surrounded by a wreath and a low hedge - a charming composition that
will please the eye in the hot summer days. Old deep basin or plain
wooden barrel buried in the ground and lined the inside film - yet
a miniature version of the round pond. The edges of the pond foresters plant
plants of varying heights, from ferns and daylilies to low herbaceous
perennials. If space allows, you can dig a round pond with a diameter
up to two meters or more, carpeted floor and wall film tax edge clinker
brick, two-thirds of its circumference obsadit plants. In this body of water
beautifully blooming water lilies will look, high aquatic plants,
and in the center can establish a graceful sculpture.

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