Typically, the first half of January is not too rich in new developments
in the world of real estate. Most of the thematic news feeds continues
summing-up of last year and forecasts for the future. January
2009, not an exception .

In summing up last Monday were released data from the National
Statistical Service of Greece, under which the number of new permits
for the construction, issued in October 2008 decreased by 15, 7% year
calculus. According to experts of the local market, the decline in construction activity
suggests that the economy starts to "slow down". According to the Cyprus
Land Registry Office, for the first eleven months of 2008
number of transactions on sale of real estate on the island has decreased by 27, 9%
on an annualized basis. The number of contracts signed in November, declined by
60, 5% over the same period of 2007. Experts say
that the decline in the property market of Cyprus will continue in 2009. Crisis
liquidity, tightening credit conditions and growing negative sentiment
led to the fact that residential property prices in Dubai, according to the index
the cost of housing an international consulting company Colliers International,
in the last quarter of 2008 decreased. The decline has averaged about 8%
previous quarter. In the segment of lower prices of apartments was 11%. Volume
transactions in the housing market the emirate was reduced by 45%. According to the Association of Realtors
Canadian housing sales in the country fell in 2008 to 17, 1%. Common
number of deals on already-built homes has decreased from 523, 8000
in 2007 to 434, 5000 last. The most significant decline in sales
observed in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. According to experts,
This trend will continue in the coming year. However, not all countries
2008 ended on a note minor recession. There were also some markets, prices
which grew, and in some countries, the crisis contributed to the inflow of foreign
customers. After several months of falling prices for apartments in the capital
Sweden, Stockholm, in December 2008 relative to November started to rise.
According to the Association's largest real estate agencies in the country Mdklarstatistik,
apartment prices in Stockholm increased by 1% in November. In other major
cities - Gothenburg and Malmo - prices have risen by 3 and 2%, respectively.
According to one member of the Board of Directors Mdklarstatistik Yonlera Pera,
population in Sweden decided to invest in real estate amid falling
interest rates on loans. In 2008, prices for apartments
in Israel. The average cost of apartments in major cities has reached a
2008 NIS 812 thousand (8 thousand), whereas in 2007 it was
NIS 734 thousand (188 thousand dollars). In small towns on the periphery of this
rose by 9, 7%, to 566 thousand shekels (145 thousand dollars). Leader
the growth rate became a suburb of Tel Aviv, Petah Stillpine Hold, where prices have risen
22%, to NIS 856 thousand (220 thousand dollars). It is not known how to lead
a real estate market of Israel in the current unstable political situation.
Developers of the former capital of Turkey are hoping the influx of buyers from abroad.
According to the realtors in Istanbul, the prices of the species in the city center apartments
decreased by 20%, whereas in the suburbs fell by 40-50%. Today
while the share of Istanbul, there are only 12% of foreign investment
but in 2009 this situation could change for the better for the largest
cities. Members of the organization Association of Foreign Investors in Real
Estate (AFIRE), which brings together investors from 21 countries, owning real estate
around the world for $ 1 trillion in 2009 intend to increase their investment
globally by 54%. A survey among members of the organization,
showed that 53% believed the safest in terms of investments
Country United States of America. In 11, 3% were in favor of Germany
and Switzerland, and at 4, 8% - in Australia and Canada. As the head of AFIRE
Jim Fetgatter, United States, despite the painful effects of the credit
crisis, remains the largest real estate market in the world. Property for
long-term investment according to official data of Ministry of Housing
construction in Spain, house prices in 2008 fell by an average of 3, 2%.
Real prices of "sunk" at 4, 6% after inflation. However, for those who invested
residential real estate in the country ten years ago, long-term investments were
more profitable allocation of funds in shares of major international banks: for
ten-year period the cost of housing in Spain, added 215% in the province
Andalusia, Murcia in 211% and 200% - in the region, the Balearic Islands. Value
"Blue chips" of the big banks, like Barclays, HSBC and Allied Irish
Banks, for the same period has lost 56%, 22% and 87% respectively. According to
Netherlands Association of Estate Agents (NVM), residential property prices
in the country declined in 2008 to 1, 8%. This is the first decline for the year
over the past 18 years. In 2009, the NVM predicts further price decline,
which will average 5%. But in the long term, residential real estate
the country is, according to experts NVM, an attractive target for investment.
Projections for the future addition to summarizing the first half of January memorable
projections as real estate markets around the world in the future.
So, Nigel Cornick, CEO of Raimon Land - one
of the leading real estate developers a class "lux" in Thailand - forecasts
The average selling price of premium-class apartments in the country in 2009
slightly lower. Demand from foreign investors in real estate
Thailand will also go down. Negative trends in real estate
country due to global economic and financial crisis and unstable
political situation in the country, according to examiner. Research
Company Moody's Economy.com forecasts that the number of properties seized by banks
for non-payment of mortgage loans in the U.S. in 2009 will grow by 18%. Reduction
This indicator is not expected until 2011. In the report one of the largest
accounting firms Ernst \u0026 Young World says that in 2009 the volumes of
transactions in the property market in Germany will decrease from 25, 9 billion euros in the past
year (and a record 65, 3 billion euros in 2007) to 20-24 billion euros. International
Real estate consultant DTZ predicts falling house prices
China until 2011. Alan Chan Sunlay, head of the department of DTZ Residential
Real Estate, voiced the following figures. In the major cities in China cost
housing, according to his forecast to fall by 10% this year and by 5% - in 2010. In
small towns decline of 8% and 4%, respectively. According to the forecast
representative of the largest in the Baltic real estate agency Ober-Haus
Ayi Clausen in 2009, the Latvian real estate market activity will remain
at a minimum. Market recovery is not expected until 2010.
Real estate market of New Zealand, meanwhile, believe that after
"Landslide" in 2008 the year 2009 will be more successful in the number of deals with housing.
The head of the investment company and the Polaris Group Web site for real estate
Property Billboard Kent Leicester predicts a gradual build-up of
sales in February-April and stabilize the market later this year. This will be
contribute to lower prices and interest rates. Realtors Australia
concluded that in the western regions of the country are favorable conjuncture
for those who purchase housing with a view to its rental. Among
the most promising areas of the head of the Australian real estate agencies
Professionals Real Estate Ian Cornell allocates Ballajura, a suburb of Perth.
According to experts, one of the best options for a profit
Investment in housing with three or four rooms cost approximately
350-400 thousand Australian dollars (240-280 thousand dollars).

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