Told reporters on the head of the NBU in the Odesa region
Mikhail Azarov. According to him, in the past year, banks are suffering because of
that in the past year to lend a little interest in the financial condition

Also in 2008 the mortgage was issued almost twice as much as in 2007. "Another
from the year before last I said - must hobble these loans. Odessa region
mortgage lending in Ukraine takes the third place, beating on the
indicator of Donetsk region. Of course, this was not normal, "- said Azarov.
Criticized the banker and real estate developers, saying that sometimes stroyfirmy, constructed
High-rise buildings, laying in their budgets for 150% efficiency. "They themselves
concreted, "- he concluded. Now, according to the NBU, in Odessa Oblast
six-fold increase in the number of "problem loans". On the other hand,
Many economists believe Odessa, in this situation to blame the banks themselves.
An employee of one of Odessa's collection firms commented Alex Ponizovsky
situation: "When a bank, gonyas profits, tying the payment of interest
on loan to the galloping rate of the dollar, he gets in return a fan problem.
Now every other Odessa difficulty with the payment of loans -
Many were fired from their jobs, others just started to detain the salary. But
Not all banks are ready to meet their clients and introduce vacation credit.
Just banks are "in debt, as in silks" in front of the NBU, and they desperately need cash. "

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