Initially , balconies and loggias thought for people to have easy
access to fresh air . However, today nearly all balconies and a large
osteklyat of balconies . Reasons to glaze or loggia
balcony is more than enough : it is the desire to expand the useful area
apartments, and a desire to improve teplosberezheniya , as well as several other technical
or psychological motives .

Balcony is called an open area, which adjoins the one hand
to the outer wall, while the rest closed fence height not less
1 m. Loggia - a platform, surrounded on three sides by walls and with only
On the one hand - fencing. The popularity of glazed loggias and balconies has resulted in
to the fact that in the capital today glazing loggias and balconies originally laid
in housing projects. The volume of glass loggias and balconies are estimated
professionals in 35 - 40% of the total fenestration design. Glaze
balcony or loggia can be different. The first method. Ordinary glazing -
setting on the balcony of frames (metal, wood, plastic) with embedded
in these glasses (normal, tinted, stained glass, etc.). Such glazing
slightly mute the noise of the street and at 2 - 3 degrees increase in temperature "space."
As a result, instead of the usual glazed balcony obtained space - verandah.
The second method. Evroosteklenie - better and more reliable, and more
expensive way of upgrading the balcony. The concept of "evroosteklenie" includes:
* Installation of the import window profile * selection and installation of glass (sometimes
glass) * sealing premises of the special foam or other sealant
(Fill the gaps between the frames and walls). High-grade sealing
not only prevents the penetration of moisture through the gaps in the balcony, but also
improved insulation; * drawing on the aluminum profile powder coating.
The paint protects the structure from further weathering, and
together and decorate it * inner lining the balcony (this is done at the request of
customer), use different materials - plastic, wood paneling,
plastic panels, etc. Balcony after evroostekleniya - more comfortable
and beautiful, but not warm. And if there is a desire and ability to draw from the balcony
extra room, you need to warm it. The third way. Combination
evroostekleniya with different kinds of special warmth. The procedure will draw
for serious construction and transformation, because the heat
dry and there can only be achieved by making the warm walls and floor. Therefore,
except for glass, you need: * pave the insulation around the perimeter of
balcony, as well as on the floor and ceiling; * do waterproofing, * do
lining the walls and ceiling of a suitable (to taste and abilities) material;
* Resolve the question whether the heated balcony, and if so, by what means;
* To light * if the size of the balcony and the construction of the house allows,
You can build additional internal walls (eg, foam
or "light" bricks). They "eat" part of the space, but the room
will be much warmer. It should be borne in mind that the steam-heating pipes
pass on to the balcony is strictly prohibited, so the heating will
use other methods - floor heating device (a special system
electric heating, which operates on the principle of heating pads), the installation of the heater
and other local heaters (radiator, heater or air conditioner).
A variety of glazing of balconies and loggias is amazing, that
some of them: # Glazing light wooden frame. # Glazing
wooden frames of improved quality. # Steel glazing (trolley
option). # Aluminum glazing (native structure). # Sliding
aluminum glazing (Import profile). # PVC windows. Frameless
glazing. Glazing with light wooden frames in the list presented
options for glazing balconies and loggias, which may be called industrial.
Options, which met in the Soviet times, when due to lack of
everything, including construction services, citizens of the country managed to
invent the most incredible ways glazing of balconies and loggias of any
material at hand, we do not consider. In the recent past glazing
balconies and loggias light wooden frame was the most popular form of
glazing. But not the most reliable, because any wood over time
begins to rot. Means to protect the wood from rotting slightly prolong
lifetime frame, but really they are only effective in enclosed spaces.
The impact of aggressive environment immediately destroy any hint of
on presentation of the balcony glazing. Without exaggeration, after
year or two uninitiated it may seem that you have windows
balcony 20 years ago. And after 5, sometimes 10 years, the entire structure will be kept
on parole. If in this glazing used throughout
Industrial window units - it would not be so bad. But, alas, reality
shows that the quality of work of many self-made companies, and "zhekovskih" masters
podhalturit who took about the same. The main drawback - the quality of
Wood does not hold water. Because of this wing, if not immediately
after installation, at least, after a while, starts to "act".
Not only that they do not close-open, so also there are gaps.
Such glass must eventually "flow." Unpleasant as the fact
that almost always the frame because of its lack of strength "play", that is
in the open as a slightly subside under the weight of glass. Surprisingly, prior to
still some craftsmen offer a glass of otstrugannoy not wood.
But the price accordingly, in general, a better glass than none.
Thus, the tree - an environmentally friendly material (unless you cut down the Chernobyl
forest). When ordering windows of light wooden frames are strictly
specify size and placement of opening the valves. Demand that the frame
and other details should be made only of wood, planed and dried.
Refine the thickness of the glass. For wooden frames optimally if it is - 4 mm.
But some "very economical" suggest a steklo3 mm. Degree
dry wood, the move is difficult, therefore, have to rely
good luck. Glazing wooden frames of improved quality in this embodiment
much more effectively solve the problem of keeping warm. It should be noted that
heat "leaked" through the windows in two directions (at least reduce):
1 - Slots. 2 - Glass. Outset that the choice of material, from which
made frames and frame influences the heat transfer is negligible. Of course, the coefficient
heat transfer in such materials as wood and metal is different at times, but
surface area, which "cover" the frame and the box is very small,
with respect to the glass area. Therefore, the quality of frames on the criterion of thermal protection
determined not so much material as manufacturing quality, accuracy
"Fit" and in the end the lack of slots. This version uses only
factory frame. Fitted to the box, they are usually flawless, cracks
not visually detect possible. It remains only to solve the problem "utekaniya"
heat through the glass. Double-glazed windows in the practice with a wooden balcony glazing
frames are usually not used, as frames get very massive
and most importantly incomparably precious. So put a double glazing or
frames with double glazing. But, alas, frame and box out very massive
and when installed on a balcony railing, look out there like a bull in posudnoy
shop. Also, from what would have been done balcony parapets, as if
you do not warm, its heat transfer coefficient is never equal to the
heat transfer coefficient of the capital outside wall. Balcony glazing
improved quality wooden frames (without finishing, but sill, canopy
and outflow) in the home series P44 (about 6 square meters.) will cost $ 400-450. Perhaps
and $ 350, but it is suspicious, but if $ 300 or less, then the "best quality"
not worth remembering. Steel glazing (trolley version) This
option in the common parlance is called "trolley" and the title is very accurate.
The construction is made of iron, mounted on a balcony by welding.
Glass - rounded, edged with rubber gaskets. Design
very strong. But there are drawbacks. Iron rusts. Behind it is necessary to watch
that is, the skins and paint. Locking devices on the doors reminiscent of similar
devices for industrial refrigerators, and they sometimes break down.
Some companies put in their place immediately latches. This type of glazing
holds the heat of all the worse (imagine that in winter you are going to
tram, which is off heat). Also, this type of glass most
dark. Ratio of total area of ​​glass to glass the lowest
of all presented. Every man to his own taste, and external appearance
view of the glass may seem impressive. But the view from the inside is much
less aesthetic. Balcony glazing in the "trolley-bus" style (the building is
but sill, canopy and shade) in the home series P44 (about 6 square meters.) will be
cost $ 400 (plus or minus 10-15%). We have discussed the options, the so-called
conventional glazing. Now consider the most modern way to protect
loggias and balconies - evroosteklenie. To be light ... Widespread
was glazed loggia with a profile of aluminum. Aluminum Profile
7 times stronger than wood, 2, 3 times - PVC. Fireproof, will not crack
not twisted, is not oxidized. Aluminum frame is very aesthetically pleasing look
on balconies, old houses and buildings. This is a so-called cold
Glazing: using insulating gaskets without profile between the external
and an inner layer of metal ("cold aluminum") and single glazing (usually
- Bor glass M1 5 mm thickness). The design may be movable (sliding)
and swing. Revolving glass structurally more complex and requires more
expensive components, so that is almost twice as much as sliding.
For example, in the same firm Sliding glass with Spanish
profiles Provedal worth $ 75 per square meter, and swing with profiles
same Provedal - already $ 135. The quality of glass to a large extent
depends on the design merits of the profile and quality of installation. If we exclude
Computer program various options in Moscow are the most common two systems:
Vidnovsky profile and the Spanish system Provedal. As for the profile
then and in either case, the profile is manufactured in Russia, although it is
imported. The factory buys the license, the matrix and produces the above profile.
Sometimes the similarity profile Provedal sold by manufacturers at extremely
low price - from 60 at. e of the frame. However, according to experts, the quality of
frames from such a profile can and should be questioned. Provedal uses
rollers only on the bearings, which ensures a smooth ride and long term
service. In vidnovskom version installed without bearing rollers that
makes it difficult to move the valves, leading to accelerated wear and may even cause a jam.
In Provedal locks provide designers, they are easy to use, easy
closed and opened from the inside, and they can not be opened from the outside. At
This locks fit perfectly into the design. In vidnovskoy system locks
constructively generally not provided. But today vidnovsky profile
often install accessories brand Provedal. By itself, fittings Spanish
Manufacturer of high quality, but installed on a domestic
profile, it gives consumers a lot of criticism. By the way,
sellers are aware of this themselves, so such "international" products
provide short-term warranty - one year. In a special kind of rubber Provedal:
does not wear out from time to time, does not suffer from the cold, not the typical issues
smell in the heat. In addition, unlike in the products vidnovskogo Profile
brand Provedal fetrouplotnenie set around the perimeter,
at the joints, as well as close all the rails. Balconies and loggias, glazed profile
of aluminum, transmits light well, balcony and protect against wind and rain.
Already in the early spring the temperature can make them on a sunny day
potted plants and seedlings, and in summer, for example, grow a good harvest
cucumbers and tomatoes. For this purpose, movable structure is preferable
because they do not "eat up space." The small width, the ability to
choose low-key profile, such as silver, enables you to
do yourself a balcony, which when viewed from the street will have advantages
and the red wooden balconies, and from excessively bright white plastic. K
disadvantages of sliding structures in addition to weak insulation or balcony
balconies should include the fact that the lower carrier guide is not enough
protected from falling rain. If no openings are provided
to print out the water, motion valves can be difficult. There
opinion that the use of simple, not tempered or safety glass
can be very dangerous in case of accidents, catastrophes and natural disasters.
However, tempered and wired glass, because of its high cost, use
in its production less than 1% of domestic firms. Loggia glazing (without
finish, but sill, canopy and shade) system Provedal size
3m 1, 5m will be at ~ 480. is (plus or minus 10-15%), vidnovskim profile
~ 450 at. is (plus or minus 10-15%)

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