This weekend Directorate General of Trade and living Kiev
City State Administration ( KCSA ) will hold in the capital, four agricultural fairs.

According to the press service of the KSCA , February 20 trade fairs held in the Shevchenko
area on the street. Riga , 1 , 21 February - in the area on Goloseyevsky Ave Glushkov
36 Darnytskyi area - at Grigorenko ave , ave Obolonsky district Obolonskiy ,
23-43 . Kiev residents at fairs and guests will be offered a wide range of
Food : Meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, fish ,
potatoes , vegetables , fruit, flour , cereal and groceries , sugar, and many
other food products. At fairs can buy Kiev
agricultural products from the direct producers
from different regions of Ukraine at prices 10-15% below market. Recall
Last Saturday in Kiev were also fair. It was attended by 490
vehicles with different agricultural products. Total sold 482, 2
tons of production - 319 , 5 tons of potatoes, vegetables, fruits , 44, 2 tons of meat,
28, 2 tons of fish and 90 , 3 tons of other food products. In the first half
2009 in Kiev plan to spend another 85 fairs.

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