Veranda house - summer only room that does not require insulation .
Structurally, the veranda at home is quite simple and can be without too much trouble
built with his own hands . Architectural and design solutions of the future space
must comply with design and style of the house. Or rather, if all
approvals are anything to anyone "should not " simply an annex , built
without looking at the house , creating disharmony.

In the cut houses porch, as a rule, too, is a framework. But
in the new wooden veranda houses are often made of foam. In brick
and aerated concrete homes may be a variety of options - ranging from additions
of wood and metal frame finishing. Regardless of the base material
Wall builders recommend attach the porch at home on a foundation with the
the same penetration as in the basement at home, thereby reducing the risk of separation
extension of the house in winter. Some contractors recommend to put
veranda on poles, not attaching it firmly to the wall. The roof also has a
approach to the rooftop. They argue that the fact that the mass of the house and extension
different, so they will precipitate and mixed. There are also vertical
displacement of structures. But, as practice shows, this approach is not entirely
justified, and that's why. Sometimes the porch of the house make a living room, and not
only for a summer residence. So, adjusted for the future is better to choose
the same foundation as that for home. Only then can securely fasten the veranda
to the structure of the house without fear of possible deformations of the soil. But even with
"Native" type of foundation you will need a second precise engineering calculations,
to load the bases and home extensions over the years have not led to distortions
buildings. Suppose you want to build a patio home from foam to wood
framework. The reliability of this "union" will depend on how many years worth of
house, as his constituents are preserved logs and how strong its foundation.
If the frame new for a few years it will settle. The same will be
occur in progressive destruction of the foundation. One option
solution to the problem - "Connection" old and new parts of the structure on the basis of
"Thorn-groove", while providing slip in the vertical plane of one
design relative to the other without damage. If an established framework
and hoisted on a solid foundation, a secure wide blind area for removal
water, enough to separate the clutch from the timber roofing and blow the foam. More
one example - the "docking" with a mesh cottage, surrounded by foam concrete
blocks. The easiest way in this case - the same pair of structures
(Ie, frame porch). At the same time the cheapest option, given the cladding
siding - frame with plating mill board. Interior finish
available from a variety of materials, such as lining a protective lacquer
impregnation. Builders Tips developers who are building a house "with a veranda
in mind, "it may be advisable to break the construction into several stages: the first
season - the foundation, the second - a "box" and engineering, the third - finishing (after
where you can celebrate the new home), and finally, after a year or two, podnakopiv
tools, you can fork out on the veranda. When phased construction of the main
- To lay the foundation of the future in the veranda. When veranda house is built,
should think about its furnishings. This is not a simple task, since the volume
porch is very small. Most of the walls of the verandah window is occupied, so
high furniture (cabinets and shelves) should be placed near a blank wall. Save
storage space you can, using folding, collapsible and multi-functional
pieces of furniture. Typically, a veranda at home - this is the room in which many
light. Sometimes it's nice, but sometimes direct sunlight would like to
avoided. In this case, apply sunscreen device - blinds, curtains,
"Straw", and so n

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