Metropolitan Ambulance vehicles have reduced daily rate of fuel. now
" Ambulance " receives gasoline to 10 liters less.

According to the medical trade union, the city owes rather more stations
half million hryvnia. If the debt is not paid prior to the end of spring , doctors will
walking. Emergency physicians have complained that fuel for the machines they are given by
special coupons. Every day they have to report details of all daily
costs. Drivers complain of fast and on wages. This year's cut
one-third. According to the Head of the Department of Legal Affairs, Council of Kiev
City Workers Union Health Sergei Kuban , if
previous daily rate of gasoline for one car was 60 liters , it is now
it reduced to 10-15 liters. But at City Hall insist that any problems
with gasoline for emergency no . Deputy mayor of the capital profile Irena
Kilchytska shortages of fuel does not recognize , said that it simply
no . On the other hand continues to insist on the introduction of paid medical services in Kiev . so
it is likely that soon the "fast " will be quite soon, because the doctors
ill have to get to by public transport. But the ill will
too expensive.

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