When you mention the word " glass blocks " come to mind for many dreary walls of the bottle- green
colors that were erected in hospitals , swimming pools, baths and hallways of the Soviet
time. Extensive use of glass block was due, of course , not aesthetics,
any operational and their properties.

It is thanks to their unique properties, glass blocks are not left in the past
On the contrary - has suddenly come into vogue, becoming a modern, popular building
and decorative material. The reasons for this are simple: glass blocks are not only
functional (impact, sound isolating, keep warm, do not burn in
fire), but also can play a significant role in the decorative design of the room,
especially now that manufacturers the widest range of glass blocks proposes
in design, color and texture. A modern trend in interior design,
aimed at creating a spacious and bright rooms, opens up new perspectives
in the use of glass blocks in the interior. This unusual, beautiful
finishing material can transform a space and make it airy and light,
a large selection of colors and patterns allow you to choose the best solutions
and combine them at will, creating a unique stylish
design. Modern glass blocks - building material is truly amazing.
Glass - the product of a hermetically sealed cavity formed by
Pressed connect the two glass plates. Each half is made
of thick glass (6-9 mm).. The shape of the glass block is really like
a brick, but inside this "brick" hollow. A wall of bricks of
thickness of only 80 mm can easily argue for its thermal and sound insulation
characteristics of a wall of brick, laid in a "two bricks." Secret
such a low thermal conductivity and high sound insulation is that
the production of glass blocks in their cavity is formed almost discharged
space. Additionally, glass brick, not inferior in ability
easy to carry and the low and high temperatures, and can therefore be used
as full as the outer walls, and as their fragments.
Glass is not afraid of water, so is ideal for interior basins,
bathrooms and other damp rooms. Glass is passed
light, but they do have certain advantages over conventional glass. Their
surface can be transparent, opaque, ribbed, color. From this
depends on how much light and how to pass through the barrier. Transparent
glass blocks missing about 85% of the world. And while they are less transparent,
than a pane of glass, so the visual image in some way masked,
blurred. For such a wall, you will not feel like an aquarium.
Glass with a matte surface is passed about 50% of the light, the same
can be said about the color. If the glass is fluted in a block, the location facets
determine whether it will be light-diffusing or svetonapravlyayuschim. Therefore,
choosing the color, texture and pattern of the material, you need a good understanding of
where and what it will be used. Despite the "glass" appearance,
broken glass blocks virtually impossible. A wall of glass, in contrast to
of brick or plasterboard, or do not have to paint or plaster, or
wallpaper. They do not require special care: it is enough just to wash.
In the Russian market are well represented glass blocks of the following manufacturers:
Vetroarredo (Italy), Vitrablok (Czech Republic), Vitrosilicon (Poland) and industrial
glass blocks (Bryansk, Grodno). The use of glass blocks in interior design
extremely diverse and open to builders and architects of the new, limitless
horizons, allowing you to find the most daring, contemporary design and
design solutions. The most popular way to use glass block
is the creation of these glass walls and partitions. In principle, glass
intended for the construction of such walls in rooms with high humidity.
Baths, basins, showers, bathrooms and toilets - that's the most appropriate
a place for them. The bathroom has a similar partition can be separated from
rest of the space bath, shower or toilet. However, in modern interiors
glass blocks are used much more widely. They are used to decorate surfaces
regardless of the destination premises. Of them are building entire walls, where there is
shortage of light and space (eg corridors). Preserving the natural
lighting in the lobby or hallway, glass insulated room, provide
protection of privacy and seclusion due to the so-called "a scattering
effect ", which allows only guess some shape. Septa
composed entirely of glass and with inserts of these, you can zonirovat
space: such a translucent wall will divide the space
but at the same time keep the interior a feeling of spaciousness and lightness. Septum
of glass, behind which are hidden pipe in the kitchen or bathroom,
not only fulfill their practical function, but also serve as an excellent decorative
element. If you are not ready to build in his apartment the whole glass
wall, you can use one or several "bricks" as a decorative
elements of your interior. In this case, it all depends on your wishes
and fantasy is to make a small box of frosted glass blocks in the partition
between the bathroom and the hallway, a living room with original lighting element
or make a composition of decorative glass blocks created by your
order. Collection is an exclusive glass block and decorative with very
wide range of color and texture, can rightly be called a real gift
for those who want to have in his apartment unusual, unique design
solution of internal walls and interior partitions. The surface of each invoice
depending on the angle of view, time of day, natural or electric
lighting takes on new nuances and therefore always looks a little different.
Centuries of experience working with stained glass, accumulated by mankind, allows
stain glass mass still in the process of cooking a variety of colors and
shades - aqua, blue, blue, green, yellow, pink,
graphite and bronze, which, in combination with a variety of textures already mentioned
glass blocks make a wonderful decorative material, permanently preserving the
their original transparent beauty. However, glass can be opaque,
simulating the texture of natural stone - granite, malachite, marble or dark
night water surface. But especially, with nothing comparable can charm
give the interior a transparent glass blocks an exclusive, in which the cavity
put objects of any kind and the composition - the herbarium, shells, photographs,
scenes from the life of puppet characters, artificial fruit - in short, everything that
pleases the soul of the customer. And the Italian manufacturer offers COGIR GLASS
Unique glass blocks, which are real works of art.
The manufacturer uses a special technique of glass processing. Applied to the surface,
or, rather, poured, drawing up of tiny colored glass
balls. Of these glass blocks (price from $ 17 to $ 49 apiece) can be
lay out the whole panel with landscapes, abstract pictures, images
birds and animals. Even just one or two such songs are placed in the wall
from any other glass blocks, look stunningly effective pictures
fill the house unique beauty. Besides all the above described glass blocks
trim ceilings, floors and stairs (including direct steps).
Of these, erected conservatories and greenhouses, erect columns, arches, canopies.
Along with excellent technical and aesthetic merits of simplicity
assembly and installation of glass blocks - another full-fledged argument in favor of this
wonderful building material. There are two methods of installation.
The first method involves the use of special, very convenient modular
systems made of plastic, glass blocks that allow you to mount even fast
and is enormous. The wall is obtained without the use of plumb perfect
smooth. With this method, each glass block gets, like a picture perfect
nice frame, which is totally hides the line connections. If the installation
also use a silicone sealants - the wall will receive an additional
degree of sound insulation and sealing. The second method is laying glass blocks
involves the use of the solution, which, however, does not complicate
styling process: special plastic accessories - spacers guarantee
ideal wall. In any color and any texture, there are also angular
glass blocks, capable in every sense of the word to smooth things over,
and half-glass blocks in place to ensure that your wall easily "fit"
at any height of the room. However, on request can be made
Glass is not just any picture, but different from the standard and
size and shape. Despite the ease of installation glass blocks, there
some subtleties associated with the technical characteristics of this material,
that must be considered during installation. So if you decide to decorate
his apartment wall, or decorative element of glass, it is best
seek the advice of experts who will help you create a unique
interior filled with color and light.

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