Teremok , and , in fact , a country house or cottage , at all times was the most
coveted place for a comfortable stay. The tale of teremok sought
settle everything - from mice and frogs, to bear. This is understandable - no hole ,
or den, and even less , marsh - can not compete with real wood

In real life - the same picture: many of us would not mind to leave his city
"Ant" and settle down in a big, beautiful and comfortable home in the near suburbs.
And preferably the whole family. The main thing is not to repeat the mistakes of fantastic characters
- Do not turn into a spacious tower close the hostel. That's why right now
customers are increasingly asking architects to develop a project at home, in which
could coexist different generations of one big family. Nearby,
but not together Even though that everyone has different traditions, the idea of ​​a joint
Living with all the large family finds its expression in various
Projects of houses around the world. For example, in the southern resort countries where land
very expensive, and its quantity is limited, private houses are built on the principle of
"Birdhouse." The first floor erect, releasing the perimeter of the roof reinforcement.
When children Acquires second half, her parents' house is built
floor next to a young family. When mature grandchildren - a house cluttered with
third floor. It is normal practice for Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. In Europe,
not everyone can afford to buy a house, but those who can - often
shall we all now the dream of paradise - a large, two-storey
home, lawn, seeded with grass, a swimming pool, etc. It usually lives a family
- Parents and children, occupying different floors. In the Russian tradition - suburban
cottage, it is usually a large home in which there are many rooms
and family lives, there are three or four generations. Center of the "towers"
a lounge where parents meet over dinner, children, grandchildren, grandparents
grandparents and other relatives. Earlier designs were popular
homes, specifically designed for rural areas. Typically, this
was a large house divided into two or internally, or four apartments.
They lived close relatives - that is, close by, but not together. Then
for large families was offered a cottage, locked together in two
identical houses. From an architectural point of view, this was not the best
solutions. And with the household - even more so. In order to gather together members of the
family had to bypass the main wall inside the house on the street. Modern
home to various generations acquired a new meaning and is thought to
the smallest detail. Typically, this large two-storey house, with two different
inputs. However, he has a single internal space, which is zoned
according to the needs of the family. Sleeping areas are spread in a house with zones
recreation. Guest rooms are usually removed from the master bedroom and their children.
Often, it is designed and completely at home on the outskirts, usually on the first
floor and be sure to have a separate bathroom. Do once, do it twice,
do three! Among the projects of houses for different generations, there are three
main groups. Relatively speaking, this house with "room for grandma," a house with
room "for the noisy teenager" and the house "for two families." An example at home first
groups may, for example, is a project in which the grandmother can be placed
in a room on the first floor. First, an older man not have everything
time to run up and down the stairs, and secondly, all the comforts of communication
are most comfortable. Straight out of the room can be reached at
a bathroom, next door leads into a spacious, comfortable dressing room.
Kitchen, which are so fond of "magic" over the next jam my grandmother, too,
and to the living room, where dinner is going to do the whole family a couple of steps. Elderly
a person needs a special peace, and this is taken into account in the project - from "Grandma's House"
not related to other living quarters of the walls, and above it is also
bedroom. No prizes for guessing that all the other household members, including
restless children who live on the second floor. The principal difference at home
the second group is that the location for the garage is occupied living room.
Its remoteness from the rest rooms here allows you to put the noisy teenager
which is unlikely uzhivetsya with adults in a quiet sleeping area. This room
located directly in front of the house and the border with her boiler room, swimming pool, sauna,
lounge and bathroom. A teenager can go home after midnight, and quietly
hanging out with friends in his room, listening to music while not disturbing the
sleeping household. An ideal accommodation option for both families can be
a large, modern cottage, where under one roof are flat
parents and young couples. Each of them has its own entrance and its
kitchen-dining room. Thus they are very convenient interconnected, allowing
or combine these areas into one living space, or, if necessary,
isolated from each other. In the "common ownership" are business premises
the first floor and a spacious gym. A single whole-house staircase leads
to a spacious attic. There are four bedrooms, which are grouped
in pairs, depending on accessories and apartment equidistant extensive
sanitary block. Each pair of bedrooms has its own hall. Certainly, it is very
comfortable with the household point of view. Sometimes, the national color architects
have pretty sweat on the project home to different generations, especially
if it bought people with other cultural traditions and customs. For example,
if the customer - Oriental people, the architect must consider all such
so that the house was divided into two functional halves - male and female. Gypsies
also bought huge houses on the area, but the basic requirement of their
- Inner space without walls, because they live all the gypsy encampment
directly on the floor and eat there. So that no kitchen, no bedroom is not required.
Home to different generations - the territory of liquidity ... Comfort has long been out
beyond the walls of an apartment or house. Speaking about the liquidity of the house, you need to consider
everything: the location of the site and its remoteness from the city, as well as from neighboring
sites. Fashion for apartments in the historical center of St. Petersburg has long passed.
Because wealthy people understand that, even bought a fabulous
Money communal and settled it, the owner of rest is not guaranteed. Often
of these mansions is the same with the notorious communal bums who regularly
Pour your magnificence. And if this is not so different - in the entrance nagazheno,
for example. In short, the life of luxury is still not obtained. Therefore, many
People rushed out of town, in individual housing with land holdings. And,
Of course, it is very liquid, because the price for it will only grow.
Country house and city apartment - in one bottle to the category of homes
for different generations no doubt include the "townhouse". It - a two-or
three-storey semi-detached houses with basements, built-in garages, saunas,
and attic. Young are usually lodge up, and those who are older,
down. The specificity of these houses is that they are connected to each
other side ends, and the windows are only on two sides. Each
of which is attached a small lawn, which can be fitted with seat
barbecue or broken garden with flowers. Townhouse is very popular
in England and Germany. In fact - this is a compromise between city and country house
apartment. As a rule, small towns of the townhouse being built on the outskirts of metropolis
and allow owners to enjoy the fresh air and relative quiet,
no neighbors above and below, as well as the ability to quickly reach
around the city. Less of the house to different generations - the infinite
Walking up the stairs. As for the design of such houses, it is usually
model. And it is selected by the investor. In the hands of future owners only design.

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