Hall - the first room, in which we find ourselves , coming to the house . but
often spent on repairs of the other rooms , kitchens, bathrooms , hallway
gets only what "remains " in the sense of strength, and in a financial sense ...

Furniture hallway: As a rule, the hallways, in many cases are
narrow corridor of a small area. Visually, the space can be expanded
hanging from one side of the corridor a large mirror, and on another wall pokleit
Desktop with sea or mountain views. On the ceiling to the bright upper
coverage to you and your able to comfortably change clothes and Shoed.
If the width of the band allows, you can on both sides of the walls in a staggered
poryadkedopolnitelno hang a few lights. Interior sparkle
give your hallway semicircular arches, which can be arranged at the end
or the beginning of the corridor. Now "meet on clothes," so do not skimp
for furniture for the hallway. The main condition - the furniture for the hall should be in harmony
with the rest of the furniture in the house, and, moreover, be compact and fairly
roomy. Children's room furniture: At the moment, children's furniture
- The fastest growing segment of the furniture market. Nursery
grows and changes with your child, and also performs many
functions - this is a bedroom and a games room, a student and workplace
and creative research laboratory and a lot more then. Psychologists advise
change the interior of a child's room 3-4: Recommended for newborn
make a good repair, buy a new environmentally friendly furniture. Then, in
age of 2 3y.o. when the child is confident walk, you can remove the changing
table to the floor, which is the main place to play, lay soft
fluffy carpet. For preschoolers need a table to practice sculpting, drawing,
designing. There are specialized sets of children's furniture
with sections for storing clothes and toys. Children's furniture should call
the child's positive emotions - be bright, beautiful, strong, easily transforming
(For example, in a house for small animals or spaceship), and of course safe.
In school, the principal place of a child's room is the work area
with a desk, bookshelves, computer desk. Take care
about safety in your child's room: Close direct access to all
devices which are under stress, provide a comfortable temperature in the room
and adequate ventilation. Make sure all windows and doors have a good working
locks and keys. If children live in two or more children, you must zonirovat
space and in addition to the common areas (for games, art) to allocate to each child
your personal area. A good solution to this problem is to color
division of personal space, and even individual pieces of furniture - beds,
chairs, each child can choose the color that it more
like. Living room: Living room - a business card of our house.
Here we rest, spend time with your family, receive guests. Living Room -
is a reflection of the inner world of people living in the home, their tastes, preferences,
fantasies. Modern living rooms usually have two zones - the dining area (dining room)
and recreation area. The concept of "furniture for the living" fairly extensive - here
includes furniture, dining group, upholstered furniture and the "mobile" furniture.
Furniture - a variety of bookcases, shelving, display cases, cabinets,
sideboards. "Mobile" furniture has rollers or wheels - cabinets, tables,
light sofas, chairs, etc., and thus can easily be moved.
Light - an important element of any room. The living room is recommended to have no
at least three levels of illumination with different intensities of light sources.
Kombinatsiyavariantov and light levels will transform your living room into a festive
banquet hall, a place for youth parties and create the mood for
a romantic dinner by candlelight. Do not forget the accessories that are beneficial
underline style to your living room. Range of accessories are now huge, figurines,
paintings, photographs, vases, reliefs, dishes, fish tanks, live plants
in pots, curtains, blinds. It is not necessary to join as many even beautiful
and exotic things, most importantly - skillfully and tastefully placed them in space
Your living room. It is fashionable to plan sitting room "of the center." Center can
become a table or home theater. Arranged around the center of upholstered furniture,
other items of furniture, decor and accessories. Try to dream,
perhaps the whole family you will find unexpected and interesting solution. Sometimes
unusual black-and-white photograph or a silk scarf in a simple frame can
become a highlight of the interior of your living room. A separate conversation about the style of living.
Now you can find almost any style of furniture - from classics to Japanese
minimalism, from early Baroque to Art Nouveau and Art Deco. But please,
Remember, the more you put furniture in the living room, the less space remains
for you and your guests. Bedroom Furniture: Contemporary furniture manufacturing
offers a wide selection of bedroom sets in different styles.
Tell briefly about each of them. Classic. First of all, it is natural
materials used for furniture - wood, metal, natural or artificial
aged, noble porcelain, mnozhestvozerkal, candlesticks, candelabra.
Many pieces of furniture and accessories made by hand. Living high-tech: It's
life of the rationalists of modern times and modern technology. All furniture
made of chrome, steel and plastic. Your bedroom is like a sovremennyykosmichesky
ship. The main color scheme - cold metal furniture minimalism: Here
nothing more. Clean lines, great space, garmonichnozonirovannoe
and accented interior. Outdoor furniture, used
in the bedrooms of this type, accentuates the space, weightlessness of space.
Almost all the pieces of furniture are put forward, move in a horizontal
and vertical direction. Postmodernism. For postmodernism is characterized by
application of elements of past styles, such as baroque and classical music. Elements
hyperbola, a certain theatricality, irony, making unique contrasts in
streamlined simplicity of contemporary styles. Art Deco Furniture: The Art Deco
characterized by strong vertical lines, rounded corners, visually, "retreating"
form. Many decorative details in the form of zigzags, circles, triangles.
The materials used wood unusual wood, chrome,
stainless steel, plastic laminate. Choosing the bedroom, keep in mind that about a third
your life you will spend it in her (so much in life is
sleep), so you should be comfortable here, comfortable.

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