In the past month in the Ukraine were imported goods in the $ 3 billion
that at 36, 4 % more than in January.

This was announced by the National Bank in assessing the balance of payments
for the previous month. The growth of purchases of foreign goods has occurred, despite
the continuing devaluation of the hryvnia and the fall in domestic demand. So
way, the monthly trend of reduction in imports, even in the incipient
October last year (see chart), for a time interrupted. Increase
external purchases in February, has two main reasons. Firstly, the Ukrainian
on a 80% increased gas imports. According to Goskomstat, in January
to purchase natural gas abroad spent 197 million dollars 8.
"In February of this amount was $ 360 million", - the head
the press-service NAK "Naftogaz Ukraine" Valentine Zemlyansky. Second,
in the country because of the introduction of an additional 13% duty on imports, creating
high demand for some products. This is mainly affected machines.
"Everybody understood that this will put 13% probability duty, and at the board meeting
Our organization decided to bring in late February - early
maximum number of cars in March. So you do not deliver on their
inflated fees, "- explains the general director of Ukrainian Association of Automobile
importers and dealers Oleg Nazarenko. Despite the sharp jump in imports
In February, the balance of current account balance for the first time in many months
was reduced from a plus - surplus of $ 78 million. Exports
though falling rapidly (February decline was 37, 2%), all
still covers the import. However, the peak external procurement is expected to close by the third
quarter. "Deliveries of gas will increase in the second quarter and reached a peak
in the third quarter, as "Naftogaz" will need to pump gas in
storage before the heating season, "- says economist of the investment
of "Dragon Capital" Elena Belan. Experts believe that the deficit
the current account in 2009, though much reduced, but still
will be negative. "According to our preliminary estimates, a deficit
current accounts this year at 4-4, 5 billion (compared
12, 9 billion in 2008. - "BUSINESS") ", - says Director
economic programs of the Centre to them. Razumkov Basil Yurchishin. If you talk
on balance of payments in general, the balance of negative information
balance of payments continues to grow, and last month reached 2, $ 1 billion
dollars. The main factor of the outflow of currency from the Ukrainian economy, as well as
before a withdrawal of deposits in dollars and euros from banks. According to
NBU cash outside the banking system in February increased by 2 billion
from $ 997 million in January. The positive changes in the payment
the balance is attributed to the inflow of foreign currency economy in the form of long-term foreign
loans. In February, domestic banks have attracted 803 million dollars
loans, while paying for the obligations of 201 million.

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