The volume of vacant space in the functioning of quality office space
Class "B" and "B +" in Kharkov in March amounted to 15% of the total area or 10, 5
thous. m , which is three times more than in October 2008.

According to a press release of "Investment and Construction Corporation
(ISC) "Avantage" (Kharkiv), with reference to the monitoring conducted by its experts
34 objects of office real estate, this increase in the number of free
area is observed for the first time in several years. "In March, the market
Kharkiv office real estate deals has increased significantly.
For the first time in several years is associated not with the entry of new facilities,
and with increasing amounts of vacant space in existing business centers, "
- According to experts of the company. In addition, according to the head
Service Marketing Valerie Gulevskaya in half Office facilities
property falling under monitoring, the rate or rental price is announced
in local currency. "Thus, it can be argued that the trend review
value of national currencies ", - said V. Gulevskaya.
According to monitoring data, rental rates in 11 business centers of the city
19, offering their space for rent, fell in March to 6.35% on
Compared to February, or $ 1-6. And in the two sites cost of renting
not announce the offering to the buyer to call a reasonable amount for it.
In the segment of the sale of office space a few companies, owners of office
the prices will be raised, the others - dropped, but almost all owners say
the willingness to reduce prices in the event of a transaction. According to the
Monitoring at the moment the price range for rental rates and quality
premises for Class "B +" in Kharkov is $ 10, 4 - $ 30 / 1 sq. km. m class
"B" - $ 6, 5 - $ 16 / 1 sq. km. m. The range of asking prices in the segment
sales for the day ranging from 779 to 2500 cu / 1 sq. km. m. In particular,
bid price for quality office premises of Class "B +" range
from $ 779 to $ 1558 for 1 square. m, a class "B" - from $ 1,040 to $ 2,500 per 1 sq. km. m
However, the price diapason rental rates for office space
Class "A" is $ square 20-25/1. m, and the offer price - from $ 961 to $ 1026
per 1 sq. km. m. Moreover, all objects of this class are still in Kharkov
under construction.

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