Estimated profits of banks from speculating February is estimated at
UAH 700 million .

National Bank has punished three banks for violations of the NBU on auction
currency on the interbank market is not expensive so-called. average rate (letter dated 11
February), which officials found below 8 grn. / $ 1. Since NBU is trying to
formally comply with the requirement of the IMF's 2% deviation of the interbank rate
from the official. After the February jump in the dollar on the interbank market NBU
accused about 25 banks in that they exhibited little on the interbank market
amount of currency at inflated rates than stimulated panic in the cash
market, and also played on the nerves of the foreigners who wish to withdraw their capital.
Then the president asked the head of NBU Volodymyr Stelmakh punish
responsible for the bankers, but stalled execution. It is rumored that this was the
cause the redistribution of powers among the deputy chairmen of the National Bank, as a result of
that exchange control was handed over by Alexander Savchenko to Vladimir
Krotyuk. Devolution has resulted in real sanctions for Partner-Bank
Sigmabanka and the bank. . In Sigmabanke and bank declined comment.
The remaining bankers were divided into two camps - one welcome the decision
National Bank of exponential flogging of small banks that have committed speculation, others
consider this administrative pressure on the market and attempt to intimidate a
major players. . Treasurer of a bank with foreign capital, says
that the NBU has completely killed the interbank foreign exchange market and is now the administrative
will drive the rate below 8 grn. / $ 1. - explains the banker. According to him,
by pressing the NBU in a situation where you can shake a course
will use $ 100 thousand, - said the banker. In his view, the critical point
will be April 7, when you have to make regular payments for the gas.
Unless, of course, the National Bank does not directly sell the currency monopoly.

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