Take away from the trolley plate , flowers, and handrails.

With the advent of spring the capital of "take away as souvenirs." "It is very fashionable in
Kiev gift for birthdays plate numbers of the trolley, so that
I honestly confess, took away. It's easy, when you ride a big company, "
- Recognized student Dmitry Nakonechny. "There used to be sets of plates with
numbers of all the routes that serve the depot - told the driver
16th trolley Vladimir Kuznetsov. - Now, because of the thieves in boxes of paint. "
He said that signs often disappear, but composters do not touch.
] Twitching. Panels are also trying Stribro homes in the "Kievzelenstroe"
say now that as time goes planting flowers at the peak of activity of the thieves.
"In winter, they steal Christmas trees and pine trees - the New Year - told a press secretary
Irina Kavetskaya - spring - primroses, tulips, daffodils. " On the river station,
which has recently started the season floats, buoys and tyryat vests. Calmer
of Metro. There's only last year, when hung advertising railings
with a can of soda inside - for the first week of 6000 bottles of 4000
stolen. The rest - on the spot. Suffer from the "thieves-suvenirschikov" and a cafe. "The
We once fell asleep at the table, guy, woke up and decided to leave - and security
said that he rang a backpack, - says the administrator of one of Kyiv
Nikolai Ponomarev pubs - in the backpack was the mountain of dirty dishes, or
friends played a joke, whether he won. " By the way, now has become a popular "buy
dishes "- in every coffee shop has a line" for the battle of dishes and broken furniture "
so visitors are asked to sell them an ashtray or even chairs. [Http://i.domik.net/_xmlimg/xml_e87b3e5dc675e58687547f6462729e10e042aaeb.png
] Protection. The owner himself has spoiled icon YOUR SCRAP DUE Thieves
In DSP Glaucus MIA Kiev say to them deal with petty theft
almost never come, because Kiev kleptomany steal stuff, quite often
cheap. And to open a criminal case, you need to steal more than 760
hryvnia - that need to drag dozens of plates or glasses. There are problems with
kleptomania, not only in public utilities and the owners of cafes, but also simple
citizens. For example, a motorist. "The cases of theft auto
characters, such as "Mitsubishi", "BMW", - says Alexey Zhuravlev insurance agent.
Hosts machines even come up with a way to fight. "I tried otkovyryat
icon - tells the owner of "Skoda" Nicholas Nezhura - so I scratched it! ".

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