Recently, domestic archaeologists made ​​the discovery , which seems to be
dot the В«iВ» in the matter of the early buildings of the oldest in Europe
Christian church . In one of the frescoes have found an inscription , of which
indicated that the cathedral was laid in 1011 .

That is, two years later, we will celebrate the millennium after its "birth".
But here's the question: does not fail if an architectural complex of the ground after
how opposite it, across the road, yet another otgrohayut
the planned ten-VIP-bungalow for 200 apartments. According to information
which increasingly appears in the media, the first tower could collapse under the
which now flows underground is a creek, or bottled whole lake.
Water, this was the result of improper construction areas around the
architectural ensemble. Experts say that over the past few
years the water level rose under him nearly two meters. But if they start
and yet another "brick" to build in dangerous proximity to the monument, then chances
survive in the Hagia Sophia will not do. According to the hydrogeologist Victor
Neshvayko, none of this would be, whether contemporary architects and developers
lovers of history and the patriots of the city. "All the problems with the accumulation of
water beneath some buildings Sofia - neither more nor less than those blunders,
who planned modern building around the cathedral: they pit deeper
What should be dug, there is no foundation so cheated, not the diameter of the tube
and quality of paved, etc. As a result a small artificial
caves, are gradually filled with water, which, in turn, seeks out
and may well be undermining the foundation of the same bell, - says the geologist, adding
that any new building near the shrine - a threat to its existence as such. "
Many remember what effort it took to prevent the construction of public
underground parking and superbasseyna with a fitness center almost in
Reserve. During the heyday of Stalinist ideology, when the crush of the church,
in modern terms, it was fashionable, Saint Sophia could comprehend
the fate of the Cathedral of St. Michael's, but apparently there is a God because
did not allow it. There is a legend that tells guides that
to protect the church stood the French, who remembered that the daughter of Yaroslav,
Anna, once the rules of France, and pretty good rule. They are there for
a talk, consulted and sent a delegation in 1935 to Stalin
headed by Romain Rolland, a good attitude to the October Revolution.
He is in private conversation, and persuaded the chief to refuse the demolition of the temple. Today
shout loudly about the crisis, but, as history shows, they are crises, with an enviable
cycles as there are, and pass. Losing because of sloppiness
greed and Hagia Sophia, we make up for this loss can not, as
and will not be able to explain to posterity, as they were able to prevent this. Having survived the turmoil,
Tatar-Mongol invasion, Uniate, the Bolsheviks and the Nazis, the cathedral can
not move from its current independence of architectural delights, and so
anxious attitude to history.

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